It is extremely important that you display your survey to the right people. Why show a survey to someone who's unlikely to take it, or to visitors who are not relevant? The better you segment your visitors the higher your response rate can be. It's worth targeting each survey at only those of your visitors who are likely to contribute meaningfully. You can use targeting for a number of reasons:

  • Inquire about a certain page on your website,
  • Identify why your visitors are bouncing and not converting.
  • Target your surveys after certain actions on your website 

To set up these conditions, go to Edit > Settings section of your survey

💡Tip: We have a dedicated knowledge base section devoted solely to Targeting. Please be sure to check it if you want to make sure you ask the right people the right question at the right time. You'll then collect the most relevant and valuable insights.

  • If you are more of an email person, you can enable email notifications (sent after every response in real-time). You can get these sent out to any email addresses you like. You can find more information about setting up email notifications here: Email notifications

It's possible to enable daily/weekly/monthly email survey reports. Check out this article to learn more: Email Reports

  • You can send responses to Feedback Hub. It's a stand-alone Survicate product that helps you organize and analyze feedback received from different sources. Here’s how to enable it:

Just click on Feedback Hub in the upper left corner of your panel:

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