Targeting your surveys based on where your visitors come from enables you to gather insights about specific visitors and their needs depending on their source of traffic.

You can gather information from visitors that came to your website directly, from a different website, from a search engine, or from a campaign (ads, UTM mediums, UTM source, terms, or campaign names).

1. To set up targeting based on traffic source, head over to Edit > Target > Audience

2. Create a New Audience, then pick Visit Source under the Add Filter button:

3. Here, pick whether you'd like to include or exclude the users with a specific visit source:

4. Pick the source of visit you'd like to filter, and click Create Audience:


They came to your website either by typing the URL on the search bar or from a bookmark

From a different website:

Ether generally or from a specific page. It’s especially useful for tailored and contextual questions. You can specify the referrer source by URL conditions:

If you'd like to add additional websites, just click add another page

From a search engine

They have found your website after they searched for something in Google, Yahoo, etc.

From a campaign

Target visitors based on ads, UTM mediums, UTM source, terms, or campaign names. Read more about UTM campaigns.

💡Tip: You can also add more filters to a specific audience by clicking Add Filter.

❗️Remember! You have to enable the audience in order to display the survey properly!

📌Note: If you have two or more audiences enabled, we trigger the surveys to all enabled audiences.

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