By default, your survey will be displayed on all pages of your website. If you want to display the survey on a specific page, go to Survey settings > Where should the survey appear? You need to choose the Display only on chosen pages option.

You can see two options: display survey on pages and don't display survey on pages. You can apply both conditions for one survey so that it only shows on a specific group of pages, excluding some of them.

❗️Between display survey on pages and don't display survey on pages, there is an 'AND' logical conjunction.

For example, if you were selling solutions for several industries, and wanted to show your survey to everyone  visiting  excluding those interested in security, your conditions would be:

❗️Please remember that in order for don't display on pages function to work, you will need to define display on pages parameter!

How every type of condition works

As you can see below, we have various kinds of conditions applicable to the site's URL.

Equals lets you show your survey only on the specific page. For instance, if you want to survey customers viewing a certain software feature, or a particular product. The survey won't be displayed on any site that doesn't exactly match the URL, which means when you pick the equals condition for the survey won't be viewed on 

Starts with is for displaying surveys on pages beginning with a specific piece of URL. This way you can, for example, target everyone checking your pricing by visiting or target only users of your online app with

Ends with lets you display surveys only on pages that have a URL ending with a specific string of characters. For instance, when you want to target people looking for a certain feature of your software you can use ends with: feature so no matter how the URL changes if it ends with feature the survey will be displayed.

Contains is for displaying surveys on pages containing a particular string of characters. This way, you can, for example, target everyone visiting your /cart/ regardless of a product, they've chosen or the page they came from. 

Matches RegEx is a condition that should be used only when you or your developer know how to use Regular Expressions properly. Regular Expressions allow people to search for certain strings of characters and pieces of information in a line of code. With Survicate you can use them to target specific sets of pages without applying a number of different rules. (Click here to learn more about RegEx conditions)

💬 It’s also possible to Close a survey when URL changes which is useful for Single Page Apps. To do that, enable the checkbox at the bottom of this section.

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