In the Audience tab, you can create user segments based on various parameters like the number of visits, visit source, language, attributes, and many more.

1. To define these settings go to Edit > Target > Audience

2. Click New Audience button, give your audience a name and click Create Audience

3. You can define your audience based on various Filters, add multiple filters to your audience, or create multiple audiences to target your surveys. Simply include filters you'd like to segment your audience:

You can add up to 50 filters to one audience.

📌 Note: You can have multiple segments and multiple options within these segments at the same time. Add more filters to a specific audience by clicking Add Filter. If you have two or more filters in the same audience, we will trigger the survey when all of these filters are matching the visitor (AND condition).

📌 Note: If you have two or more audiences enabled, we trigger the surveys to all enabled audiences. (OR condition)

💡Tip: You can save your audience to use them on other surveys. In this case, changes to that audience will apply to all surveys running with that audience. You will be able to see if the audience is used in another survey under the audience name.

❗️Remember! You have to enable the audience in order to display the survey properly!

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