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Learn how to create well-crafted surveys using AI

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AI-assisted survey creator lets you:

  • create a survey tailored just for you in less than a minute;

  • design a survey in any language;

  • import survey questions you already came up with.

πŸš€ The AI-assisted creator is included in all our plans for all survey types!

In this article, you'll learn how to create a survey with the help of AI to ask your respondents accurate and unique questions.

Step 1. Select the survey type

In your Survicate dashboard, click Create new survey.

In the window that appears, select AI-assisted creation.

Pick your survey format - Email or shareable link, Website or in-product, or Mobile app.

Step 2. Describe your goal

In the Your survey idea text field, describe your survey goal in 1 or 2 sentences.

πŸ’‘ The clearer and more specific you are, the better the AI can assist.

You can also import a survey you have already prepared outside of Survicate. Just copy and paste your questions into the text field, and AI will automatically assign the best question types and build the survey for you.

🌏 You can input your survey idea in any language, and the generated survey will match it!

Wait for about 25 seconds while the AI crafts your survey. You'll be taken to the new survey's Create tab as soon as it's ready.

Step 3. Review and edit the survey

Review your AI-generated survey, and, if needed, make any necessary changes to customize it to your needs. You can edit the questions, design the theme, add survey logic, customize survey messages, or add Translations.

Step 4. Set the survey live

Once you're satisfied with your survey's questions, looks, and settings, it's time to set it live and start collecting feedback.

πŸš€ Click here to learn how to launch your survey.

Tips and Best practices

Want to get a formal survey?

Add 'no emojis' to the prompt to receive a survey that's more suitable for academic or official situations.

Want to limit the number of questions in surveys created by AI?

Inform the AI creator how many questions, and what question types, you wish your survey to have.

If you need our assistance, please reach out to us at support@survicate.comΒ or strike up a chat conversation πŸ‘‰

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