To provide some personal touch to your survey, in the Design tab, you can:

Change survey colors and theme

On the left side of your design tab, you can change the survey colors and themes to totally brand your survey as your own.

Each survey distribution channel offers different options in terms of survey colors.

Check out individual articles about designing each of our survey types:

Website survey design
Email survey design
Mobile survey design

❗️If you are creating an Intercom Messenger survey, colors and theme will automatically be assigned from your Messenger settings.

Enable survey progress bar

Inform your users about the length of your survey by enabling progress bar toggle under Create > Settings > Survey Experience.

Edit the text of the survey buttons and messages

If you are running a survey in a different language, you might want to change the text of your survey buttons and messages.

This will give you the flexibility to survey your users in your desired language.

👉You can do this under the Messages of your survey's settings tab:

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