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Style your survey questions, introduction, and answer text
Style your survey questions, introduction, and answer text

Using HTML tags you can add hyperlinks; change text size, make the text bold, or italic, or add an indent to your survey.

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You can use inline HTML modifications in Email or Shareable link and Website or in-product surveys. Use this feature to style your introduction text with bold, italics, hyperlinks, and many more! See what can be achieved below and learn how to use it in your project!

πŸ’‘ If you want to style your question text, you can do that with our built-in feature - learn more about it here!

Add a hyperlink

  • Choose if you want to hyperlink the whole question or just a part and click on the πŸ”— icon:

  • After you type your URL, click Enter to save it.

  • From the preview, you can not only see how this text will look to respondents, you can actually click on it to be taken to your given URL:

Style your survey text

  • Add an indent:

To split your question into several lines, mark a place in the text and press Enter:

  • Use bold font:

In your question's body, highlight a part of the text you want to make bold and click on the B icon:

πŸ’‘ The question field in Website or in-product surveys is designed to be bolded by default. You can additionally make parts of Introductions in this survey type bold.

  • Use italic font:

While editing your question, highlight the text you wish to make italic and choose the I icon:

Resize the survey text

You can make the text smaller:

<small>YOUR TEXT HERE</small>

Create a list in your survey


You can see an example of a list used in single-choice selection:

List of allowed tags and attributes

We have a list of allowed HTML tags you can use on your surveys. Therefore usage of other tags will not work.

'a': ['class', 'name', 'target', 'style'],
'div': ['class', 'data-*', 'title'],
'img': ['src', 'alt', 'title', 'class', 'width', 'height'],
'input': ['id', 'type', 'name', 'class', 'placeholder'],
'li': ['class', 'data-*'],
'option': ['value', 'disabled', 'selected', 'data-*'],
'p': ['class'],
'path': ['d', 'style'],
'select': ['class'],
'small': ['class'],
'span': ['class', 'title'],
'svg': ['width', 'height', 'xmlns', 'viewbox'],
'label': ['for'],
'textarea': ['id', 'class', 'placeholder'],
'th': ['class'],

Best Practices

Use HTML tags to add a picture to your survey

Learn how to use an HTML tag to insert a picture into your survey question or answer!

Recall respondent attributes

Insert an attribute or a respondent's answer to a previous question for a personalized experience.

Add Introductions to your survey questions

πŸ“ž If you have any questions or need further assistance - feel free to reach out to our team via chat or email:

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