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Add an introduction text to your question
Add an introduction text to your question

What is question introduction and how to use it

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Question introduction has many purposes, for example, it can:

  • give more information about the purpose of a question;

  • contain instructions;

  • welcome your respondents and explain why their feedback is important to you.

Add the introduction

To add an introduction to your question, click on Add introduction button above the question field and add your text.

To remove the question introduction, click on the β›” close button next to the introduction field.

Style the introduction

To make a part of your introduction's text bold, italic, or hyperlinked, simply highlight a part of the text and click on B, I, or on the πŸ”— icon.

To add a line break, mark a place in the text and press Enter.

You can also style the Introduction by applying HTML modifications, such as resizing the text. Please check out this article for step-by-step instructions.

Best practices

Customise your survey questions

Add images to your survey to maximise visual clues and design your survey look and colours to make your survey stand out and match your brand.

Recall respondent attributes

Insert an attribute or a respondent's answer to a previous question to your introduction for a personalized experience.

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