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Recall answers or respondent information
Recall answers or respondent information

Insert an attribute or answer to a question into another question later in the survey, recall information

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This feature lets you insert respondents' answers or their data into survey questions and introductions.

Once you learn how to use this feature, you will be able to:

  • automatically use one of the provided answers in follow-up questions;

  • show the respondent all of his answers from a particular survey on the thank you screen;

  • use one of the users' attributes in survey questions and introductions.

📌 Please note that it's impossible to use recalled data in answer choices.

Recalling previous answers

Step 1. Start with creating your survey. Click Add new question and choose the question type from the list. Please note that the Smiley scale, Matrix question, and Contact form are not supported by this feature, which means you won't be able to use answers from those in the following questions.

Step 2. Type @ in the question box or in the introduction, and choose the question number you want to use.

❗️Please note that we can use only answers from the previous questions. If you choose to recall the answer from question #3 in question #2 - we will display a fallback or leave the space blank.

Step 3. To add fallback text, click on the inserted formula and type in text that will be displayed in cases when there's no data available to recall.

Recalling respondent information

As an alternative to the built-in recalling feature, you can also use attributes piping. Piping is supported by email, link and in-product surveys.

Attributes are any pieces of information you know about a respondent that is stored by your website or web app, mobile app, or in your EMS.

❗️Please remember that in order to recall a respondent attribute in a survey, you must identify the respondents and pass the attribute value to Survicate either with the survey link, with a code in your website, or with code from your mobile app.

Read on to learn how to recall respondent information in various survey types. 🚀

Recalling respondent information in Website or in-product surveys

If you wish to use respondent attributes in your survey's questions, you can type @ in the question box or introduction and choose an attribute from the list. Please note that it's only possible to recall attributes that have been passed from your website to Survicate with an adjusted tracking code.

The respondent attributes you can include in your survey's questions can be their country, company name, or their first or last name, and many more. You'll be able to recall them in a question as long as such information about a visitor is passed from your website or web app to Survicate or if you ask the respondent about it in a Contact form.

Recalling respondent information in Email or Shareable link surveys

With attributes piping, you can use your respondent information in questions or welcome/thank you screens of an Email or Shareable link survey.

You can make name, email, country, company, and many more, appear automatically in the survey question by modifying the survey link.

Similar to the Website or in-product surveys described above, attributes piping requires pasting customized formulas to the question box.

To be able to recall attributes in your questions, it's necessary to send the information about your respondent to Survicate.

You can do this with your survey link, by:

  • using one of our supported providers to distribute the survey with a link or an HTML code. This method lets you automatically capture the data about your contacts;

  • using merge tags, which, when added to the survey link or HTML code, pass the respondent information to Survicate.

You can also recall information about a respondent that you collect with a Contact form added to the same survey.

💡Respondent attributes can also, later on, be used in the analysis and to filter survey results.

Recalling respondent information in Mobile surveys

When adding an Introduction or Question to your Mobile survey, you can recall information from attributes passed to Survicate.

Learn how to pass respondent information to Survicate here:

This feature is available in Mobile surveys from the 2.3.0 SDK version.


My answer or attributes are not visible in the first question of my embedded email
Data is automatically added to the survey once the respondent opens the survey in the browser tab. This feature is not supported in embedded emails. If you need answers or attributes piping, please use a direct link in an email message or do not use formulas in the first question embedded in the message.

I'm passing respondent attributes in merge tags but I can't select them from the dropdown while creating a survey

Before you can select a custom attribute in the recall function, you need to send an Email or Shareable link survey with a merge tag responsible for collecting this attribute to a respondent (or to yourself as if you were a respondent) so that the attribute is collected at least once and then it will appear in the dropdown to use.

Best Practices

Create your first email, in-product, mobile or Intercom survey

Once you decide which questions you'd like to ask, you can move on to creating your first survey. It's effortless, and you will be able to launch it to your respondents in several minutes!

Use survey logic for a more personalised experience

Set up the logic settings to ask detailed follow-up questions and collect more valuable feedback.

📞 Reach out to us at or start a chat conversation in the bottom right-hand corner when you're in the Survicate panel to learn more about this feature or ask us for help!

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