Survey logic makes it easy to create various paths for respondents, by skipping specific questions based on the previous responses, bringing entire new branches, and segmenting users (for instance, based on the level of satisfaction).

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1. Why would you use survey logic?

2. How to use survey logic in your survey?

You can manage what exact insights to gather, ask the most important questions, and redirect the respondent to the most suitable action. For instance, if there are three alternatives as answers to a particular question, each answer alternative can pass participants to another, more appropriate next question.

Why would you use it?

By applying survey logic allows you to know customers better, by saving their time and not bothering them with irrelevant questions🖐🏼. Branching the respondents and directing them to crucial questions and actions will make your survey personalized while gathering only relevant insights.

✔️ Most of the customers will answer the first question and skip the rest if they see that the survey is quite long, especially when the questions are irrelevant to them. This would substantially reduce your survey completion rate, and hamper your research. Using logic keeps the survey less challenging for the customer, which makes it much easier for them to follow each question.

  • Ask the right questions and gain a deeper insight into the customer
  • Make your questions more personalized and display actions suitable for the specific customer based on his/her previous answers, using call-to-action buttons
  • Using contact forms allows you to reach specific customers if they want to be contacted
  • Make your survey less time-wasting, and as a result, increase your response rate
  • Gather detailed feedback after NPS or Rating score question, which can help you in product and customer relationships improvement.
  • Reduce questions that will not bring value to your performance
  • If you are running an NPS survey, you can ask for further feedback from your detractors, and ask for referrals from your promoters
  • You can also redirect the respondent to another page after a specific question if they want, for example, to get to know your product better (if they have answered that they know nothing about it).
  • Using survey logic you can gain information about price or other activities of your product/services: for example, the respondent is asked Does our price match with the quality? Answer yes or no -> If the respondent picks "No" you can redirect them to a question How much should it cost in your opinion? and leave price alternatives.

How to use survey logic in your survey?

1. Firstly, create your questions. After adding the questions to your survey, you need to arrange them in a logical order.

You can add a new question by clicking the Add next step button under the question or by drop-down lists within each question.

2. To apply logic, select or add the NEXT STEP to the answer by selecting the option from the list. This generates a new question that will be displayed if the respondent picks a particular answer.

📌Note: If you want the respondent to finish a survey after a particular answer, choose Finish as the Next step.

💭 Please don't forget to define the next step for additional questions as well, as they're going to follow each other in the default order.

❗️Keep in mind that survey logic can be applied only to Single answer questions, Net Promoter Score, Smiley scale, Rating question, and Dropdown list.

✉️ If you have any questions or need help setting question logic, feel free reach out to our team at, or strike up a chat conversation 👉

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