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Add a call to action button or page redirect to your survey
Add a call to action button or page redirect to your survey

How to add a survey thank you page, a CTA button, redirect to a different URL, or add social buttons

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With a custom Thank you screen, you can finalise a Survicate survey with a personalised thank you message or set up different actions depending on how you'd like to finalise your survey.

The possibilities of a Thank you screen are:

  • Redirecting respondents to your chosen URL;

  • Adding a Call to Action button;

  • Add social buttons for your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter profiles.

Custom Thank you screen and Thank you screen actions are available on some of the plans. You can see our current pricing here. If you are interested in testing this feature, drop us an email at or strike up a chat conversation.

How to add a Thank you screen to your survey

Step 1. Go to the Create tab of your survey, click Add new question, and choose a Thank you screen or CTA button (applicable for the Intercom messenger survey).

Step 2. Modify the message on the Thank you screen with your custom text.

Step 3. Under the Settings of Thank you screen, you will find the action options.

The Disabled option will not direct the respondents to any page or screen. They will only see the Thank you message after your survey.

To learn more about how to use the other functionalities of the Thank you screen, jump to a section:

โ—๏ธIn Intercom messenger and mobile app surveys, it's possible to use only the CTA button and redirect the user to a specific URL. Please let us know if you need more features in this survey type!

How to redirect respondents to your URL

Step 1. The Auto redirect function takes your respondent to a given URL within the defined timeout. You can choose to redirect with no delay, in 3 seconds, in 5 seconds, or 10 seconds.

Step 2. In the Redirect URL box, please type the web page you'd like your respondents to be taken.

How to add a Call to Action button

Step 1. Include a Call to Action button in your survey and send your respondent to a chosen URL after clicking on it. You can decide if you'd like to open the webpage in a new tab or let the respondents stay in the same tab.

Step 2. You can also add a Button label. This can be any text you want, and your respondents will see it instead of the URL link. If you choose to leave the Button label box empty, the default text on the CTA button is Submit.

How to add buttons for your social media profiles

Add Call to action buttons for the Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts of your business:

This way, you can get your respondents to become your followers:


The Call to Action button and the Redirect function doesn't take users to the chosen URL

Please note that the URL should be in the format https://yourURL or http://yourURL and not www.yourURL for this function to work.

Best practices

To make the survey feel even more on-brand with your business, you can host it on a custom domain

Custom domain allows you to send the survey link, which looks like completely your own. Please take a look here to learn how to achieve this.

Change the design of your survey

You can modify the survey's colours, background, and messages in its Create tab. Please take a look at one of our articles describing the possible design changes.

How to thank your respondents for their answers ๐Ÿ“ฝ๏ธ

๐Ÿ“ž If you need our assistance, please reach out to us at or strike up a chat conversation!

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