You can finalize a Survicate survey with a personalized thank you message, set up different actions depending on how you'd like to finalize your survey.

You can add:

  • A Call to Action button

  • A page redirect

  • Social buttons for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter

📌 Please note that the custom thank you screen is available on most of the paid plans, you can see our current pricing here. If you are interested in testing this feature drop us an email at or strike up a chat conversation.

1. To do that, add a "thank you screen" question to your survey:

2. Modify the message on the thank you screen with however you'd like to thank you respondent for taking the survey:

3. Under the settings of thank you message, you will find the action options:

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Auto redirect


Social button

Auto redirect:

Redirects your respondent to a given URL within the defined timeout. You can choose to redirect with no delay, in 3 seconds, in 5 seconds, or in 10 seconds.


Include a call to action button in your survey, and send your respondent the location after they click on this button.

Social Buttons

Add CTA buttons for your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts of your business, and get your respondents to become your followers.

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