How to use your domain to host your email surveys

Custom domain feature allows you to host surveys on your domain to make your surveys on-brand

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With this feature, you can use your domain to host surveys. Use this to provide a more personalized and branded experience.

Once you configure this setup, we will host your survey on your custom domain:

instead of:

💡Custom Domain is available for some of the paid plans (see our current pricing here). If you are interested in testing this feature, contact, or reach out to our team from live chat.

Step 1. Create a new blank page on your domain

Create a subpage on your domain that we will use to generate a unique survey URL.

For example, when you have a domain you can create a blank subpage customer-survey.

Step 2. Enable Custom survey URL feature

Go to Settings ➡️ Link surveys, and click on Use a custom survey URL.

Step 3. Update survey URL

Paste the link to the blank page you created in Step 1. and save the changes.

Step 4. Add our HTML code to your blank page

After you save your URL, we will provide you with HTML code. Click Get Your Code, and paste the code into the source code (HTML code) of your blank page.

Keep in mind that the code consists of both <head> and <body> parts, so the page needs to be completely clean.

Setting up the domain is a one-time operation.

Step 5. Share your email survey

Create your survey and go to the Share tab. Copy the link or the HTML code to send your survey via your chosen email platform.

If you embed your survey inside an email, we will redirect the user to your custom landing page after answering the first question.

Disabling custom domain

If you want to stop hosting surveys on your domain, go back to Settings ➡️ Link surveys and disable the Use a custom survey URL option:

❗ Please be aware that the old links redirecting to your surveys will stop working because the URLs of all surveys will be updated to start with


I created a page on Shopify, and the link from the Share tab is not working.

When creating the new page at Shopify, the template is automatically sourced from your website so that it can contain <head> and <body> parts. Before using your custom domain, you must ensure you have those removed and pasted our HTML to your page source code.

I created a page on WordPress, and the link from the Share tab is not working.

In WordPress, please install this theme and then change the Template of your empty page to Blank Slate:

I want to show an email/link survey with a custom domain on my Shopify page and the URL gets replaced with "null.js"

If you use a custom domain for the link surveys you want to show on your Shopify page, you will have "sid" parameter in the URL that stands for the survey id. "sid" has a special meaning in Shopify and once the user enters the URL it is replaced with ‘null.js’.

In order to prevent it you can replace one line in your code snippet:

var sid = xgetParameterByName('sid');


var sid = xgetParameterByName('survey_id');

You will also need to change this parameter in the survey URL manually:

Copy the link from the Share tab of your email/link survey and change "sid" to "survey_id".

My survey with a custom domain can't be displayed by some respondents

If your respondent has uBlock Origin extension on their browser - it blocks our script - our domain is on the EasyPrivacy blacklist. It can block our script when the domain is a 3rd party domain (when you use custom domain).

Best Practices

Adjust your survey template for an even more branded experience
You can remove Survicate branding, add your Company logo and personalize the template so that your survey suits your brand's visual identity.

Change the cover photo of your survey

In the survey's Share tab, adjust the preview, description, and the name the respondents will see when the survey is opened in a browser tab:

📞 If you have any questions or need further assistance - feel free to reach out to our team via chat or email:

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