If you are sending your surveys to specific people, you might want to attribute responses to those known individuals.  This way you can:

  • inquire about the experience of specific user

  • accurately act on the feedback responding to individual needs 

Table of contents:

1. How does an email survey identify my respondent?

2. How to pass identity from unsupported software to Survicate?

3. How to assign responses to respondents without a messaging platform?

How does an email survey identify my respondent?

If you choose to send out a survey via a platform we support, you'll be able to easily identify your respondents. The links we automatically generate use merge-tags. They let you use dynamic content in your campaign as well as link responses with your subscribers/respondents. As a rule, we collect:

  • Email

  • First Name

  • Last Name

Here's a breakdown of a sample link:

Survey ID: Every survey has a unique survey ID. It will differ from survey to survey.

Distribution: The name of the platform you'll use to get the survey sent out.

Merge tags: They do the magic and let you identify respondents. Once a respondent clicks on a link or responds to a survey from an email, the merge-tag part - in this case {{contact.email}} - will populate automatically.

Answer ID: is the ID belonging to this answer point inside Survicate database

🧠 Suppose you send a survey via HubSpot to support@survicate.com. Once you send the email, the link will look as follows:

The following information will become visible in the respondent's profile:

The same is true when you embed surveys.

How to pass identity from unsupported software to Survicate

In case you distribute your surveys via a platform we don't have on our list, you can pass this information by editing a link. Just create the Shareable link survey and add the merge tags.

For example, you want to capture users' emails when sending surveys via software with merge tag construction like this: [respondent_data]. Just add ?email=[email] to your link:


If you also want to pass other attributes along just add another parameter like so:


Just remember to add & sign between different attributes.

Please note that merge tags construction might be different depending on the software of your choice - therefore, please make sure to add the correct merge tags construction to your survey link.

How to assign responses to respondents
without messaging platform

If you send surveys via your own email (such as Gmail or Outlook), you can edit a link to assign responses to respondents. To know who answered create the Shareable link survey, add the merge tags and fill them by hand.

You send surveys to 3 people: Angela, Barbara, and Celine
When you send your link by filling first_name= tag with Angela


In the Answers tab you will see Angela's responses assigned to her:

Please note that you need to create a unique survey link for each of the respondents. Thus, if you wish to send the survey for Barbara, the link should be changed accordingly:

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