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Send out email and link surveys
Creating and configuring your email and link surveys
Design your survey page and embedding code, and set up survey settings
Design your survey page and embedding code, and set up survey settings

Get your link and email surveys to match your brand by adding your company logo and changing survey colors

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In the Design tab, you can customize how your survey looks and adjust its settings. Here's what you can achieve when modifying the survey design:

  • adjust email template and survey landing page colours;

  • upload your Company logo and remove Survicate branding from the surveys to make them more on-brand;

  • add custom CSS code for advanced design options;

  • enable navigation and progress bar for a personalized experience;

  • preview your survey to check how your survey looks for your respondents on different devices, on the landing page, and inside an email message.

This article shows how to customize the link and email survey design. If you want to learn first how to create the survey, please navigate to the previous section.

Design survey page theme

Step 1. Move to the Design tab ➡️ Themes. There you can create your custom theme:

Or use one of those created by us! You can modify an existing template after choosing the icon next to its name.

Step 2. Update the color palette for your survey - you can choose a unique color for your questions, answers, buttons, background, or progress bar.

You can also add your background image in this step. Pick your custom background from Unsplash images to visually enhance your survey.

Or upload your own image to customize the survey and match your company theme.

💡Tip: Recommended resolution for background images is 1920x1080px.

Step 3. Once you are ready with your template, click Update Theme to save your settings.

💡Tip: If the theme you are using is currently used in other surveys, you will see a notification that this theme is being used on different surveys. In this case, please remember that any changes you make to this template will apply to all surveys running on that particular template.

If you don't wish to update all the surveys but only your particular survey, you can easily duplicate your theme and make changes to the duplicate theme instead.

📌 On some of the plans, you will be able to edit your custom CSS from the Theme settings. For that, please enable the custom CSS option, paste in your CSS code, and update your theme. Your changes should be visible on the right side when you update your theme.

❗️Please note that we don't support developing the CSS code and troubleshooting issues caused by it. In case of any doubts, please reach out to your onboard developer

Design survey email template

If you plan to embed the survey into your email message, make sure to adjust your email template.

Move to the Email template tab and choose the colour and style of the survey answers buttons. You can also upload a Company logo from your device.

You can also upload your logo in the Survey settings ➡️ General tab to easily add it to any of your Email, Website, or Mobile surveys.

Here's what you can achieve by customizing the email template:

📌 Due to the very simple HTML code used, it's not possible to upload a background image or change background colours. If you would like to use more customization options in the email template, let our support team know about this via chat or

Adjust your survey settings

Step 1. Once you finish the design set-up, click Settings in the left sidebar for further customization. There you'll see Survey experience and Messages tabs.

Update survey experience by enabling survey navigation progress bar, removing Survicate branding, or adding your logo. Check out the features below:

1️⃣ Navigation: Enabling survey navigation will let your respondents return to their past responses and change their response submission.

2️⃣ Progress bar: Inform your users about the length of your survey with the progress bar located on top of your survey page.

3️⃣ Remove Survicate Branding: Remove the "Survicate" footer and the "Create your survey" CTA button at the end of your survey.

4️⃣ Email answer confirmation: This feature prevents duplicate responses provided by security software on the respondents' side. After enabling it, the user will be asked to Submit the answer he chooses inside the embed email before proceeding with the following questions.

5️⃣ Company logo: Add your company logo to your survey, and make your survey branded as your own! To add your logo to your survey, click Add logo and upload the file from your computer or select the logo previously uploaded in Survey settings ➡️ General. The image will be added at the very top of the landing page.

6️⃣ Default language: It can influence the survey questions you see in the Question Library. For example, saving your questions to the Library from a survey with Default language set to English, will only let you use those questions in other surveys with the same Default Language.

📌 Please note that adding the Company logo and removing Survicate branding are available on some of our plans. You can see our current pricing here.

Step 2. Adjust messages visible inside your survey via the messages tab. This is especially useful if you run a survey in a different language.

📌 Your custom Survey unavailable information message will be shown if your survey has the Remove Survicate branding option enabled.

Preview your survey

On the right side of the page, you can preview your survey as if you were a respondent. Every change to your survey appears here in real-time, and you will be able to test the look&feel of your survey as you go on creating it.

💡Tip: Click the icons in the top right corner to see how your survey looks on desktop or mobile devices.

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Best Practices

Customize your questions
Use HTML tags to add pictures to your survey or modify text style. You can also add custom CSS to achieve influence the survey design.

Send email surveys using your software

Check out how to send surveys using your distribution providers such as Intercom, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Hubspot and many more.

Integrate your surveys for seamless customer feedback

Connect with your business systems and update your subscriber profiles with responses you receive using our native integrations.

Customize your survey's link preview

In the survey's Share tab, adjust the preview, description, and the name the respondents will see when the survey is opened in a browser tab:

📌 This feature is available on our paid plans.

📞 If you have any questions or need help with your survey, feel free to reach out to our team at or strike up a chat conversation!

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