Configure tab, lets you make use of the finer survey options. You can switch on multiple responses from the same browser or set up conditions when you'd like to start or stop your survey.

See what each option does below:

  • Survey retaking

By default, your survey will be taken only once on each browser, if you'd like a survey to be taken multiple times by a single respondent from the same browser, enable "Allow this survey to be taken multiple times" toggle. Once disabled, if someone tries to re-take the survey, they'll see the following message: "You have already responded to this survey.”

You can also use kiosk mode by enabling the "Refresh the survey after completion" toggle. Once enabled, the survey will restart as soon as it's finished.

💡Tip: You might run into the "You have already responded this survey" notification when testing your survey. You're encouraged to test out surveys in the incognito mode. Make sure to close the incognito window every time you submit a new response.

  • Survey status

Under your survey's status, you can enable or disable your survey. Once disabled, your survey will stop collecting further responses.

  • Responses limit

If you are running research for a number of visitors only, you can set a response limit for your survey. We will automatically stop the survey when this response limit is reached.

If you don't want to have any limits, just disable the toggle.

  • End date

You can stop your survey on a certain date as well. We will stop your survey on the selected day at 0:00 GMT.

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