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How to duplicate (clone) a survey?
How to duplicate (clone) a survey?

Clear survey answers and start from zero – Resetting survey stats

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If you want to start your survey statistics - for example, survey answers or views - from zero, you can duplicate your survey.

You can easily duplicate your survey from your survey list, click on the three-dot icon on the side of the survey you'd like to clone, and select Duplicate.

📌Note: Settings and design will remain as they were. However, answers will not be copied. If you want to delete a particular answer, check this article.

❗️Please note that deleting answers or the survey doesn't have any effect on the response limit.

❗️If you have set up integrations under the connect tab for your original survey, please note that integration setups will not be copied to the new survey. You will need to set up your integrations to your duplicated survey.

❗ If you are duplicating an Email or shareable link survey and would like to send it out instead of the original one, make sure to replace the HTML or survey link with your duplicated survey in the email you send to your respondents. Every survey has its individual ID in the survey link. Therefore, duplicating the survey will also change the ID, and you will need to replace the link/code.

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