If you want to delete the responses from your survey, you can do it freely from the Survicate panel. You can delete one particular response or mark a few/all of them.

After going to Analyze > Individual responses you can choose the answer that you want to be deleted and click the trash can icon.

Acknowledge that this action cannot be undone and choose the delete response button.

You can mark all of the responses in one survey at once by ticking the box above the responses.

To delete all responses provided by the same respondent, go to Settings > Link/Web surveys > Delete respondents. Find the respondent using an email and remove all his answers by clicking the trash can icon.

❗️ Please note that deleting answers or the survey doesn't have any effect on the response limit.

❓ Why am I getting "forbidden" error when trying to delete a response?

Please note that only account owners and 'admin' permissions are able to delete responses. If you are getting the message "Forbidden" while trying to delete a response, that's because you have 'user' permissions on the workspace. In this case please contact your account owner to provide you with 'admin' permissions. You can read more about user permissions here.

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