If you use a mailing list in ActiveCampaign to distribute your surveys, we can automatically capture subscribers' full names and email addresses - so you'll know who responded to your survey! You'll be able to filter survey results by these attributes or send survey responses to contact profiles. Remember to enable Active Campaign Integration if you want to collect your answers directly in contact fields.

You can distribute your survey with Active Campaign in different ways:

  1. Hide the survey link behind a CTA button, or hyperlink

  2. Embed the first question into ActiveCampaign Email to boost your response rate

Table of contents:

  1. Create your email survey

  2. Customize your design and survey

  3. Choose the distribution tool

  4. Set up integrations for your survey

  5. Send out your email survey

  6. Troubleshooting

  7. Best practices

Step 1. Create your email survey

Go to Create new survey from the main dashboard and select Email or shareable link survey. Pick whether you'd like to use a ready template or start from scratch. Build your survey by adding your questions and applying survey logic.

❗️But Remember! If you want to embed your survey in an email, the first question of your survey needs to be either a welcome message, single choice, a smiley scale, rating scale or a Net Promoter Score. If you choose any other type of question as to the first one, we will only provide you with the link to your survey.

Step 2. Customize your design and survey experience

You can adjust the theme and email template in the Design tab by adding your company logo, changing colours and adjusting survey messages. Make your surveys entirely branded as your own!

Step 3. Choose the distribution tool

Once you are ready with your survey, head on to the Configure tab and pick ActiveCampaign under 'Identify respondents with' to receive responses assigned to the precise customer.

Under the Configure tab, you can also enable other options like multiple responses.

Step 4. Set up integrations for your survey

You can enable Active Campaign integration to update your contact fields, assign tags or create new contacts if your survey contains a Contact form.

Step 5. Send out your email survey

If your setup is ready, you can move to the Share tab and decide if you want to use a direct link or HTML code in your email template.

  • Direct link

Choose the Copy Link button and paste it behind a CTA button or hyperlink.

  • Launch in an email

Your respondents will be able to answer the first question now from the Email, and then they'll then be redirected to a landing page to take the rest of the survey.

1. Click Get your code, then copy the HTML code.

2. Go to the ActiveCampaign email you want to use for the survey and pick HTML Block from the drag&drop editor.

3. Choose Click here to add HTML and paste the code in the pop-up window.

4. Finish editing your Email and move to a summary by clicking Next in the top right corner.

5. Add email subject, contact list, and send your Email to dive into your insights 🚀


I've sent a test survey, but the response is anonymous. How can I know who answered the survey?

Please remember that sending a preview email will make the responses anonymous. If you want to test the full experience as well as the integration, you need to send the email to an existing contact list via the Send now option.

My survey is distorted after pasting the code. What am I doing wrong?
It's possible that your survey will look different on the main preview - for example, answers will be too close to each other, or your logo moved to the left. In this case, please test the survey by sending it via Send now feature. The survey code is displayed incorrectly only on the preview in most cases.

Best Practices

Send responses to Active Campaign contacts as tags or contact fields.
You can use our ActiveCampaign native Integration to update information about your respondents or create new contacts.

Set up Active Campaign integration without leaving its dashboard
There's an alternative way of enabling the integration that lets you to Setup ActiveCampaign integration directly from its User interface. Learn more about our built-in native app.

Store information about your respondents in the Survicate Analyze panel

When sending the survey in the way described above, we'll automatically recognize the respondent's first & last name and Email. You can also add any other Active Campaign attributes to your survey link to identify the respondents with this data.

📞 If you have any questions about sending a survey via Active Campaign - feel free to reach out to our team via chat or Email: support@survicate.com.

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