Start your survey and gather customer insights right from your website or in-product, navigate to the Launch tab

Not ready with your survey yet? Learn how to create a website survey and target it to your audience.

🚨 As the first step, you will have to install Survicate tracking code. Follow the instructions below 👇

If you already have the code installed, move on to starting your survey. ▶️

Install Survicate Tracking code

You have multiple options to choose while installing your code:

  • If someone else is managing your website, you can send them an email with instructions. They will receive a link with the installation documentation in no time.

  • If you use Google Tag Manager you can use our one-click installation or find Survicate plug-in inside GTM. Click the "Install Now" button and pick your GTM account, container and workspace.

  • You can also install the code via our Segment integration. Click the "Install now" button and login to your Segment account. Pick the Workspace and Source you'd like to integrate, and click Allow.

  • If you are a WordPress user, you can use our plugin to install the code.🔌 Search for Survicate in Plugins, verify and activate the plugin. Then, head on to Survicate plugin settings, and paste your workspace key to the input field.

  • You can also install the Survicate tracking code manually on your website by pasting the provided code before the /body tag of your pages. Once you've pasted the code, don't forget to visit the page code is installed at least once to verify the installation.

Start your survey ▶️

When you are ready to launch your survey, you can start it right away, or set a custom date to start your survey. If you select a custom date, we will start your survey on this day at 0:00 GMT.

If you are running research for a number of visitors only, you can set a response limit for your survey. We will automatically stop the survey when this response limit is reached.

If you don't want to have any limits, just disable the toggle.

📌Note: If the respondent opens the survey before it was disabled and answers it while the survey is disabled the response will still be collected and recorded.

Alternatively, you can stop your survey at a certain date as well. We will stop your survey on this day at 0:00 GMT.

📌Note: Whenever you make changes to your survey's set up, they take a couple of minutes to take effect.

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