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How to embed your survey on a website - install tracking code to run surveys on your website and the in-product

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Running surveys on a website allows you to collect feedback from your visitors directly, understand their behavior and motivations, and find out how they respond to your content or offer.

💡 Do I need to install the code to launch my survey?

If you plan to launch a Website or in-product survey or the Feedback Button, you must install the tracking code first. Installation is done only once, so you shouldn't repeat this step when setting up your next surveys. You can proceed without installing the code for other survey types (Email or Shareable link and Mobile). 

Having doubts? Putting the code on the website is very easy and totally safe.

One-click Installations

2. Install the tracking code using one-click installation buttons:

If someone else is managing your website, you can email them with instructions from the Get help installing Survicate section.

Manual tracking code installation

You can install the tracking code manually by adding your unique tracking code to your website.

1. Copy the tracking code:

On the Tracking Code page, copy the Survicate tracking code under Manual Installation.

2. Paste the tracking code to all the website pages you want to launch surveys on.

The general recommendation is to insert the tracking code at the bottom of the <body> part. We suggest adding the tracking code to your website template so that it automatically goes into each page of your site.

3. Test if your code is installed correctly with the instructions below before launching your first survey.

Installation with NPM packages

There are two ways to install Survicate with NPM packages:

1. Web package which allows you to run a web survey directly in your code. Learn more on our page for developers.
Available on some of our pricing plans.

2. Web surveys wrapper that facilitates the installation of Survicate tracking code directly in your codebase. Find the overview here.

Check if your code is installed properly

To check if the Survicate tracking code is installed correctly, you need to do two steps:

1. Open your website in the browser, go to DevTools and view the Console. For that, you can use the following shortcuts:

Chrome: Ctrl + Shift + J (for Windows) Cmd + Alt + J (for Mac)
Safari: Alt + Cmd + C
Firefox: Ctrl+Shift+J (for Windows) Cmd + Shift + J (for Mac)
Opera: Ctrl + Shift + I

2. As soon as you have the Console open, you will see a place to input your code:

Paste the code _svc in the Console and click Enter.

If the Survicate tracking code is installed correctly, you should see a message with your workspaceKey.

When you see the red error message, you need to install the tracking code again.

📌 With Survicate, it is possible to identify website survey respondents using pieces of information you know about a respondent that is stored on your website or in-product called attributes. Learn more about respondents' attributes and how to use them to identify respondents to your survey.

Looking for website survey ideas?

Take a look at our video 📽️

📞 If you have any questions or need help installing the Survicate tracking code on your website - feel free to reach out to our team via chat or email:

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