Feedback Button allows your website visitors to share ideas, bugs, or positive feedback and improve the experience and usability of your website & app. It's a free standalone product that adds advanced functionalities on top of traditional surveys. You can get it set up quick & easy from the Survicate panel. 

The functionalities

  • Conveniently display Feedback Button anywhere on your website, on any page of your choice

  • Automatically translate questions into +8 languages and apply targeting based on browser language

  • Decrease manual work with ready-to-use templates

  • Customize the design so it's in line with your company's branding - add a logo or swap colors

The benefits

  • Get your website visitors to share spontaneous feedback they'd be unlikely to provide otherwise

  • Identify struggle areas or double-down on success factors

  • Easily keep track of all responses in the Survicate panel - just as you would with a regular survey

  • Ask your website audience whether they'd like you to follow up with them

Creating a Feedback Button

1. In order to get a feedback button to show up on your website, ensure you've installed our tracking code.

2. Log in to your Survicate account. Select Feedback Button in the upper left-hand corner.

3. Click on 'Create Feedback Button'.

Edit tab 

In Edit tab you can customize your Feedback Button. Here's a breakdown the available options:

(1) Customize the copy of Feedback Button questions.

📌Note: Currently, it's not possible to remove or add another step.

(2) Decide on how many languages you'd like to display your Feedback Button. If you add multiple languages, we'll use your visitor's browser language.
The default language is shown to your user when their browser language is other of the added languages. 

(3) Customize the design of Feedback Button. Decide whether to display it on the left or hand-hand side of your website, pick accent color, or add a logo.

(4) If you enable the Ask for email option, your website audience will get to decide whether they'd like you to follow up with them on the feedback they submit.

(5) If you're on a paid plan, you can remove Survicate branding from your Feedback Button.

(6) Preview Feedback Button across mobile, desktop, or tablet devices.


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