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Export your survey responses to analyze in programs such as Excel

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You can download a copy of your survey results right from your answers page. With this feature, you can:

  • quickly and easily share survey results with your team;

  • slice and dice data on your spreadsheet software;

  • create custom-made charts and graphs;

  • request the file with the selected survey filters applied.

In this article, you'll learn how to download a survey's data into CSV and XLSX files.

📌 Export to CSV and XLSX is available on some of our plans. Check out the pricing page for detailed information about the plans.

Generate an export

1. To download a survey export, head to the Analyze tab and look for the ⬇Export button.

2. On the pop-up window, you'll be able to select if you wish to export data to XLSX or CSV, as well as decide if you'd rather export all responses from this survey or only submissions that fit the filters you applied.

❗️Due to the XLS file type limitations, it's only possible to have 65,536 rows in a single sheet. Therefore if your survey has more than 65,535 responses, please export your results in CSV format instead!

3. Select Export CSV or Export XLSX and wait for the download link to be sent via email to your inbox.

🔧 You can export survey data from the Analyze > Overall results and Analyze > Individual responses tab. The downloaded file will be the same.

Export results from a certain time frame

If you select a time frame other than Default in your survey's Analyze tab before clicking on Export

you'll be able to decide if the downloaded file should contain all survey data or just results from your chosen date range by toggling on Export results with selected filters applied.

📌 If you want to see your export history and download an export you previously generated, go to Settings > Results export.

Analyze the results

CSV and XLSX reports contain data gathered for every respondent, and the information is organized in spreadsheets so that you can easily analyze the results. Each row corresponds to one survey submission and has information such as:

  • date and time of response;

  • response uuid and respondent uuid;

  • information about the device of the respondent;

  • URL on which the survey was taken;

  • the responses to each question the respondent answered;

  • contact information, such as name, email address, or job title, custom cookies values, and respondent attributes from other software, such as Intercom and HubSpot (if your survey collects such data).

📌 Dates and times of when responses were given are displayed in UTC.

The exported data will look similar to the below presentation.

Part of an example export:

A Welcome message where you can see who clicked the Start survey button:

A Single-answer selection with Comment fields available for some of the answer choices:

A Multiple-answer selection with Comment fields available for some of the answer choices:

In Multiple-answer selection, each answer choice now has a dedicated separate column.

A Matrix question (where respondents were asked to rate 3 aspects: Customer service, Reliable product, and Security):

An NPS® question:

A Smiley scale:

A Rating scale with various Scale styles:

A Ranking question (with 3 options to rank):

A Contact form with a Disclaimer and a Consent checkbox:

A Date question:

A Thank you message with a Call-to-action button, Social buttons, or an auto-redirect:

If your survey is collecting identifying respondent information, you'll see them in the export as well:

Best practices

Download presentation-ready graphs

You can download results from specific questions into PNG or PDF files and include them in your report or share them with your team.

Enable the Google Sheets integration

If you'd like to see new survey responses appear in a Google Sheets file in real time, feel free to enable our native Google Sheets integration.

See our video to learn more about the survey reports:

📞 If you have any questions about exporting survey results - feel free to reach out to our team via chat or email:

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