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You can download results from specific survey questions into PNG or PDF files. This feature can be used to:

  • include survey results in your report;

  • add a chart to your presentation to illustrate how the NPS® or CSAT score changes over time;

  • share the graphs with your team and show when the responses were collected.

In this article, you'll learn how to download a survey's results into PDF and PNG files and decide if the score over time should be grouped by day, week, month, quarter, or year.🚀 This feature is available for all survey types and on some of our plans.

Download a PDF or PNG file

1. Open a survey in your Survicate panel and go to the Analyze > Overall results tab. You can also access this section by clicking on a survey's responses from the main dashboard.

2. Find a question whose results you want to download and click on the ⬇Download button. Here, you can decide if you'd like the file to be in PDF or PNG format.

3. All done! The file is now on your device. On the download, you'll see information such as source, dates when the answers were collected, the calculated score, score over time, and how many of the responses were provided for each answer choice.

❗️ Please note that if you'd like to download Text answer results, there must be more than 10 answers to generate Word Cloud.

Decide on how to show the score over time

With each download, you can decide if you want the Score over time section to show responses grouped by day, week, month, quarter, or year. Click on the box between the graphs to choose your preferred option. You'll see the adjusted graph immediately in the Analyze tab, and it will show on the file you download.

💡 Would you rather analyze surveys in Dark Mode?

Feel free to switch between Dark and Light modes in the top-right corner of your Survicate account:


The question's text on the PDF/PNG file does not appear correctly

At the moment, we support the following 142 languages in PDF and PNG exports:

Azerbaijani Belarusian Bosnian Bulgarian Chechen Macedonian Ossetic Russian Sakha Serbian Ukrainian Uzbek Greek Afrikaans Aghem Akan Albanian Asturian Asu Bafia Basaa Basque Bemba Bena Breton Catalan Chiga Colognian Cornish Croatian Czech Danish Duala Dutch Embu English Esperanto Estonian Ewe Ewondo Faroese Filipino Finnish French Friulian Fulah Galician Ganda German Gusii Hawaiian Hungarian Igbo Inari Sami Indonesian Irish Italian Jola-Fonyi Kabuverdianu Kabyle Kako Kalaallisut Kalenjin Kamba Kikuyu Kinyarwanda Koyraboro Senni Koyra Chiini Kwasio Lakota Langi Latvian Lingala Lithuanian Lower Sorbian Luba-Katanga Luo Luxembourgish Luyia Machame Makhuwa-Meetto Makonde Malagasy Maltese Manx Masai Meru Metaʼ Morisyen Mundang Nama Ngiemboon Northern Sami North Ndebele Norwegian Bokmål Norwegian Nynorsk Nuer Nyankole Oromo Polish Portuguese Prussian Quechua Romanian Romansh Rombo Rundi Rwa Samburu Sango Sangu Scottish Gaelic Sena Serbian Shambala Shona Slovak Soga Somali Spanish Swahili Swedish Swiss German Tachelhit Taita Tasawaq Teso Tongan Turkish Upper Sorbian Uzbek (Latin) Vai Vietnamese Volapük Vunjo Walser Welsh Western Frisian Yangben Yoruba Zarma Zulu

If your question is in another language, it may not be formatted correctly on the PDF/PNG export.

Best practices

Download CSV and XLSX exports

You can export results from specific surveys into CSV and XLSX files to analyze them or combine exports from several surveys in your tool.

Learn what all the information in your Analyze tab means

Take a look at our Survey results basic guide to understand your survey's response rate, completion rate, or the number of views. To learn how we calculate different question types' results, visit our Analysis by question type section.

Enable E-mail Notifications or E-mail reports

If you'd like to receive e-mails upon each survey response, feel free to enable our E-mail Notifications integration. If you'd like to receive daily, weekly, or monthly summaries with the overall survey results, feel free to enable E-mail Reports.

Watch our video to learn how to quickly export data from your survey:

📞 If you have any questions about sending a survey via Intercom Email - feel free to reach out to our team via chat or email:

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