You can download a copy of your survey results right from your answers page to slice and dice data on your own spreadsheet software and create custom made charts and graphs.

📌Note: This feature is available from the Essential plan. Check out the pricing page for detailed information about our plans. 

To download survey export, head on to your survey Answers by clicking answers from the main menu, or Results from survey builder.  

You can also see your download history at Settings > Results export

CSV and XLS reports contain all data gathered for every respondent, such as:

  • date of response

  • the answer to each question

  • visitor ID

  • information from other software, such as Intercom

  • user agent

  • contact information

  • custom cookies values

and many more.

❗️Due to limitations of the XLS file type, it's only possible to have 65,536 rows in a single sheet. Therefore if your survey has more than 65,535 responses, please export your results in CSV format instead!

📌 Note: Dates and times of when responses were given are displayed in UTC time.

 ❗️Remember, that if you have any filters applied we will export only the data matching all the filters!

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