You can apply many filters to survey results and respondents and narrow down the results.

Go to the analysis of your survey, and click on Show Filters to open up the filters tab:

And decide how you'd like to filter the results:

  • Date is chosen from a calendar

  • Custom attributes that you can collect from your website regarding your visitors or from your survey URL via merge tags.

  • Name of a respondent

  • Operating system respondent uses

  • Device that the response is received from, desktop, mobile, tablet or TV.

  • Question & Answer they gave to a specific question

  • Response URL that groups all the responses collected from a page

  • Tags applied to respondents with answers to surveys

You can apply multiple filters at the same time. Between the parameters of the same filter there is an OR condition, and between the different filters, there is an AND condition.

Therefore for example the image above will filter the results for respondents who answered from Android, iPad, or iPhone and were detractors.

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