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How are matrix survey question points calculated?
How are matrix survey question points calculated?

Learn how we count and analyze matrix question responses

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Matrix questions let your respondents evaluate multiple items within a single row (in a matrix table) using the column choices. With Matrix question, you can:

  • create a Likert scale survey;

  • ask many questions with the same answer choices on one page;

  • randomize answer order to avoid response bias.

In this article, you'll learn how we calculate and display the results of a Matrix question.

πŸ“Œ Matrix survey question is available for Email or Shareable link and Website or in-product surveys. Matrix survey questions have a limit of up to 13 rows and 7 columns.

How is The Matrix Survey Score Calculated?

Go to the Analyze > Overall results tab to see how many times your respondents selected each answer choice. Here, we automatically calculate your responses and show them by column, along with the total responses count, and identify which row is the most popular response by percentage.

Both on the graph and in the table below, you can see the percentage of responses given to each answer choice.

Calculate Matrix Survey Results

Your responses are presented in a stacked bar chart for each column. The results of each answer choice are calculated similarly: divide the number of responses to a particular answer choice by the number of total responses and multiply this by a hundred.

πŸ’‘ Let's check the score for answer choice Reliable product, column Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied. The score is 50, because:

1 / 2 * 100 = 50 .


I have responded to my survey, but I don't see the results in the Analyze tab.

After submitting your survey response, please refresh the browser tab with the Analyze tab. You should see the results then.

Matrix Question Best Practices

Learn what all the information in your Analyze tab means

Take a look at our survey results basic guide to understand your survey's response rate, completion rate, or the number of views.

Use filters for advanced survey analysis

If you'd like to see survey results only from respondents who provided a certain answer to one or more of your questions or see how visitors on a certain URL tend to answer, feel free to apply filters to your analysis.

πŸ“ž If you have any questions about analyzing Matrix answer results - feel free to reach out to our team via chat or e-mail:

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