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How are multiple-choice question points calculated?
How are multiple-choice question points calculated?

Learn how we count and analyze multiple choice question responses

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Multiple-answer selection lets your respondent choose multiple responses to your question among the options. With Multiple answer selection, you can:

In this article, you'll learn how we calculate and display the results from a Multiple-answer selection type of question.

How is the score calculated?

1. Go to the Analyze > Overall results tab to see how many times each answer choice selected by your respondents. Here, we automatically calculate your responses and show the most popular response by percentage first.

As you can see, this question was responded to 9 times, but because it's possible to choose more than 1 answer choice, the answer choice Quarterly was selected 6 times, the answer choice Annually was selected by 4 respondents, and the answer choice Monthly was chosen twice.

📌 Please note that if your Multiple-answer selection questions have more answer options, but the respondents never chose some of them, you will not see them in the analysis with 0% of responses; they will only appear in the Analyze tab if they have been chosen at least once.

2. Each answer point's percentage is calculated individually. To calculate the percentage of an answer, divide the number of responses to that point by the total number of responses to this Multiple-choice question and multiply by 100 (to reach the percentage).

❗Therefore, the sum of the responses can be greater than 100%.

Looking at the example above, let's calculate the results for answer choice Quarterly:

(number of responses for the answer choice = 6) / (number of total responses = 9) * 100 = 66.6% .

In our example, Quarterly was chosen by 66.6% of the respondents, Monthly was chosen by 22.2% of the respondents, and Annually was chosen by 44.4% of the respondents.

Comment fields

You will see comments on particular selections under overall question results.

Click on the arrow next to Answers to filter the comments by the answer choice they were provided for. If you click on the 👤 icon, you'll be taken to the Individual responses tab to see all answers from this particular respondent.

2. In the Individual responses tab, you'll be able to see all answers and comments from each person in one place.


I have responses in my survey, but I don't see the results in the Analyze tab

After submitting your survey response, please refresh the browser tab with the Analyze tab. You should see the results then.

Best practices

Learn what all the information in your Analyze tab means

Take a look at our Survey results basic guide to understand your survey's response rate, completion rate, or the number of views.

Use filters for advanced analysis

If you'd like to see survey results only from respondents who provided a specific answer to one or more of your questions or see how visitors on a particular URL tend to answer, feel free to apply filters to your analysis.

📞 If you have any questions about analyzing multiple answer selection results - feel free to reach out to our team via chat or e-mail:

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