Multiple choice question lets your respondent select multiple responses among the options. In the analysis we automatically calculate your responses and show the most popular response by percentage:

Here is how it's calculated:

Each answer point's percentage is calculated individually. To calculate the percentage of an answer, divide the number of responses of that answer by the total number of responses, and multiply by 100 (to reach the percentage).

❗❗ Therefore, the sum of the responses can be greater than 100%.

💭 For example, let’s say we have two visitors:

Visitor 1 chooses Answer 1, Answer 3;

Visitor 2 chooses Answer 1, Answer 2;

Then, the results will look like this:

Answer 1: 100%;

Answer 2: 50%;

Answer 3: 50%.

As 100% of people have chosen answer 1 and 50% of people have chosen Answers 2 and 3.

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