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Limit number of answers in a multiple-choice question
Limit number of answers in a multiple-choice question

Use selection limit to control how many options can your respondents choose when responding multiple selection answer.

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You can limit the number of answers the user can choose from the list in multiple-choice question type. This will let you control the quality of the feedback and better understand your customer's needs.

What can I achieve with this feature?

  • You can limit the maximum number of answers (i.e. the user can provide no more than 3 responses);

  • You can limit the minimum number of answers (i.e. the user has to provide at least 3 responses or more);

  • You can combine options above and mix maximum and minimum number (i.e. the user has to provide at least 2, but no more than 5 answers);

  • You can choose that the question will accept only a precise number of responses.

πŸ’‘ This possibility is available for Email or Shareable link and for Website or in-product surveys.

How to set the limit of answers?

Step 1. When setting up a survey, go to the Create section and click on Add new Question.

Step 2. Choose Multiple answer selection from the list.

Step 3. Type in your question, introduction and answers.

Step 4. Move to the Settings tab and decide how many answers would you like to collect per user in this question:

  • If the selection limit is Range, you can set the minimum and a maximum number of answers the respondent can choose. The maximum number can be unlimited.

  • If the selection limit is the Exact number, you will force the respondent to mark the required number of options.

All done - the respondents will not be able to proceed with the Submit button until they mark all required answers!

To disable this feature, you should choose Range as Selection limit and select 1 as a minimum and Unlimited as a maximum value.

Best practices

Enable respondents to comment on their answers

Add a comment field, so your users can add more details when choosing a specific answer.

Use survey logic for a more personalized experience

Set up the logic settings to ask detailed follow-up questions and collect more valuable feedback.

Add an introduction to your question

Provide the user with instructions or additional information by adding an introduction piece before the question.

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