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Enable your respondents to comment on their answers
Enable your respondents to comment on their answers

Give your respondents an open space to give further feedback. A perfect solution for 'other' answer selection!

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With single and multiple-answer selection questions, you can ask respondents for more details without interrupting their workflow.

Enable the comment box under certain answers to collect more customized responses and valuable feedback.

How to enable comment fields?

Go to the single or multiple-choice question you'd like to use, and click the speech bubble icon next to the answer you need more information about.

💡 The comment field is required by default for respondents to fill in, but you can disable it in the question settings.

❗️Comment fields are not sent to integrated tools. If you need to map comments in Integration, please use logic settings and text answers instead.

Best Practices

Add open-ended followups with logic settings

If you are using a different question type and would like to know more about provided feedback, use logic settings to let the users specify what they have in mind.

Use the perfect question type to suit your goal

Learn more about our action and question types and use the full potential of Survicate in your research.

📞 If you have any questions or need help with your survey, feel free to reach out to our team at or strike up a chat conversation!

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