Survey logic makes it easy to create various paths for respondents by skipping specific questions based on the previous responses. You can design the whole survey experience by adding a customized question flow and segmenting users based on their feedback.

With this feature, you can:

  • create your own survey flow for link, email, in-product and Intercom messenger surveys;

  • skip irrelevant questions for a specific segment of customers;

  • display actions suitable for the precise group of customers based on their previous answers, using call-to-action buttons;

  • increase your response rate by making your survey more personalized and shorter to take.

Table of Contents:

  1. Add your questions

  2. Arrange the order of questions

  3. Set up the logic flow

  4. Best Practices

Step 1. Add your questions

Start with creating your survey. To properly set up the logic settings, you have to add all questions you want to include in your survey before moving to the next steps.

Click Add new question and choose the question type from the list. Please note that we can adjust the follow-up questions only for Single answer questions, rating scales, smiley scales, NPS® and dropdown lists.

Step 2. Arrange the order of questions

You can change the order of questions by clicking the dots icon on the left and dragging them into the desired place.

You can insert a question directly to a specific spot in the survey by clicking the yellow ➕ button between the questions.

Step 2. Set up the logic flow

Once you've added your questions, click on the first question you want to follow up with different options. Move to the Logic tab and choose which questions should be displayed when the respondent selects one of the options.

📌 If you want the respondent to finish a survey after a particular answer, choose Finish the survey as the Next step.

Set up the survey logic separately for each question as they will follow each other in the default order. You can test the logic flow on the right panel in the preview.

Best practices

Create your first email, in-product, mobile or Intercom survey

Once you decide which questions you'd like to ask, you can move on to creating your first survey. It's effortless, and you will be able to launch it to your respondents in several minutes!

Use templates library to speed up the process of survey creation

You can check out our templates library and use one of the prepared surveys. It's possible to modify the design and delete/add questions.

Engage your respondents by redirecting them to external URLs or your Social Media pages
Add a CTA screen to increase engagement on your pages, or ask the Promoters to leave a review!

📞 If you have any questions or need help setting question logic, please reach out to our team at, or strike up a chat conversation.

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