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Learn how to set up a new survey with ready-to-use templates
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You can create a new survey within a minute by choosing from 125+ expertly-designed survey templates for marketing, product, and customer service teams. Once the survey is added to your account, you can customize the template or use the survey as it is.

We advise trying a survey template if you're new to Survicate and not sure how to start or lack ideas for the next survey project - be sure that you'll find a template you like or at least find inspiration for your own survey. All of the survey templates are free to use.

In this article, you will learn how to create a new survey from a template and adjust it to fit your brand and requirements.

Step 1. Create a survey

While in the main dashboard, click on the Create new survey button. Decide how you'd like to distribute your following survey by choosing one of the survey distribution channels: email or shareable link, website or in-product, mobile app, or Intercom Messenger surveys.

Pick how you'd like to continue creating this survey. There are two options to choose from: set up a survey of your own (start from scratch) or select a survey from our templates library (start from template).

You can also click on Templates Library at the top of your dashboard and select the survey type and template:

Step 2. Choose a ready-to-use template

To proceed with a ready-to-use template, choose the button START FROM TEMPLATE. Once in the templates library, you can choose from over 125 free, ready-to-use templates. You can easily navigate between the categories or find a template you need by using a search box πŸ”

❗ Depending on the survey type selected, the availability of ready-to-use templates may be different.

Step 3. Find out more about ready-to-use template

Select a template you like to navigate to a preview mode. You can check out the survey description to learn more about the template. Besides, you can test the survey on the right side of the window by answering its questions as if you were a


Step 4. Sample results in a ready-to-use template

In the Sample Results section, you can view the survey report example. It presents the sample data to help you understand what your survey report will look like once you collect the responses from your customers.

Step 5. Use the ready-to-use template

When you are ready to proceed with a survey, click the USE THIS TEMPLATE button. The survey will be added to your account, and you will be redirected to the survey creation panel. You can edit the survey as you like by adding new questions or modifying the existing ones, setting up survey logic and design which match your brand.

You can learn more about setting up a survey and its design in this section or in the articles below:

Best practices

Connect integrations

Connect your customer insights with your business systems using our native integrations, send survey responses to the tools you use, pull data from those tools, and act on survey insights.

πŸ“ž If you have any questions about ready-to-use templates - feel free to reach out to our team via chat or email:

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