How does it work?

You can create a survey and distribute it through the Intercom messenger so that the entire survey will be conducted inside the chat bubble. It allows you to survey your customers inside your app and keep them engaged throughout the process. 

  • Entire survey right inside your Intercom messenger.
  • No redirect to a landing page.

You can put your questions in a logical order to ask different follow-up questions based on responses.

It works like any other Intercom in-app message, so you can target surveys based on Intercom data you have on your Customers.

  • No code installation.
  • Target based on your data.

🔌 It works with our Intercom data integration, so you can send survey responses back to Intercom as:

  • Tags - user or company.
  • Attributes - user or company.
  • Events - user.
  • Open a new conversation based on survey responses.

Before you start

The messenger app works with our Intercom integration.
1. Go to: Settings > Integrations
2. Pick Intercom from the list, and click Authorize button.

📌Note: If you have authorized the integration in the past, but this is the first time you're setting up the messenger app, you may need to reauthorize it. Just click Unauthorize and then Authorize again - your current settings and surveys will stay intact.

How to create a survey for the messenger?

1. Click on the big yellow New survey button on the left of your dashboard. Select the Start from scratch: 

2. And pick Intercom Messenger:

And create your survey by adding survey questions and applying survey logic.

Set up Intercom app settings

In Intercom app settings tab, you can setup Intercom-specific settings for your survey.

  • You can customize the text on completed / answered survey and Submit button.
  • On the right side, you will be able to test-complete the survey as if you were a respondent. 
  • If you are on some of the paid plans, you will be able to remove Survicate branding from your surveys.

📌 Survey color will automatically be assigned from your Messenger settings. Therefore it's not editable in Survicate.

Set up Survicate settings

The Survicate Settings tab allows you to make use of the finer options.

  • You can schedule your survey to go live on a certain date or stop after you've collected a given number of responses:
  • Use the checkbox below if you'd like a survey to be taken multiple times by a single respondent. Once disabled, if someone tries to re-take the survey, they'll see the following message: "You have already responded to this survey.”
  • If you are more of an email person, you can enable email notifications (sent after every response in real time). You can get these sent out to any email addresses you like. You can find more information about setting up email notifications here: Email notifications

ℹ️It's possible to enable daily/weekly/monthly email survey reports. Check out this article to learn more: Email Reports

  • You can also send responses to Feedback Hub. It's a stand-alone Survicate product which helps you organize and analyze feedback received from different sources (more information here). Here’s how to enable it:

How to send a survey via automated or manual in-app messages

To send a survey with an automated or manual message just create your message in Intercom and click on the➕ that appears on the left-hand side of the message. Select Insert app, choose Customer surveys - Survicate from the list and pick the survey you want to embed inside your message. 

The survey won't be displayed fully if you distribute it as a snippet! You need to choose show the full message option to make it work.

How to send a survey during a conversation

If you want to send a survey to users or leads you to chat with, you can do that by clicking on Add a messenger app in the bottom-left corner of your Inbox, choose Customer surveys - Survicate and pick a survey you want to send during a conversation.

Can I use Survicate's Messenger surveys in Intercom's mobile messenger chat?
Yes! Our surveys work on Intercom Messenger on mobile as well. Make sure to update your Intercom SDK to 5.0.4 and above.

With surveys created and applied, you might also want to send answers to Intercom, if you do, read on:

How to send responses to Intercom?

In order to avoid flooding your Intercom user profiles with data, we enable you to decide on a question level whether or not to send responses to Intercom.

You can send responses to Intercom user or company profiles as tags and/or attributes. Survicate will also generate an event on survey responses.

  1. Sending answers as Intercom attributes
  2. Sending answers as tags
  3. Sending events on survey responses
  4. Starting Conversation Upon Receiving a Text Answer
  5. Testing integration with sample data

Sending Answers as intercom attributes

Attributes can be used for segmentation, targeting messages as well as personalization of your communication - you can use them in your messages.

  1. Check Attributes checkbox
  2. Select an attribute you want to integrate with from the list or create a new one.
  3. After you choose an attribute, we will be able to send data to Intercom. By default Survicate is sending the content of an answer as attribute value, but you can change the label to make it shorter or to fit your data structure - use attribute values field as below.
  4. Save your question.

Upon each response to your survey, we update;
survicate_last_response_date attribute for user profiles
company_survicate_last_response_date attribute for company profiles

So you can keep track of the timestamps of survey responses on the user level and on the company level to trigger automated outbound communication (emails or in-app messages) in Intercom!

Sending Answers as Tags

  1. Check Tags checkbox.
  2. Assign tags to each answer using the tags field - you can use tags you already created or create new ones. You can assign multiple tags to your answers.
  3. Save your question.

You can choose to send both tags and attributes at the same time:

Sending Events on Survey Responses

Survicate is generating Intercom events on default - they will be visible in the user profile activity section. We're sending the survey name, question, and answer in event details. You can turn off event tracking in Intercom - more on that here.

Starting Conversation Upon Receiving a Text Answer

When asking a text (open answer) question you may choose to have an Intercom conversation opened, to quickly act upon users' feedback, ask a follow-up question, and drill down on insights.

You can also easily jump to the respondent's Intercom user profile straight from Survicate.

Head over to Answers from the main dashboard, find the text response and click the View Intercom profile button.

Testing integration with sample data

Once you have your survey ready and integration set up, you can test it without leaving Survicate - simply click Send sample data and we will create a test user and send question answers in the format you selected.

You can view it by clicking Go to Intercom user / company profile.

Need any further assistance? If you have any questions about the set-up, best practices, and use-cases, please feel free to reach out to us via our Intercom.

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