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Run a post-chat survey in Intercom once the conversation is closed
Run a post-chat survey in Intercom once the conversation is closed

Send your CSAT or CES survey automatically to customers after conversations

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You can now automatically trigger your Survicate's survey once the chat is closed in Intercom. That is an alternative to the built-in CSAT survey, which is triggered by Intercom.

Using Survicate survey upon conversation being closed in Intercom allows you to:

  • personalize your CSAT survey using custom questions and answers;

  • customize your survey experience by setting up survey logic - create custom paths for your customers depending on the response;

  • run CES survey instead of CSAT upon conversation is closed or any other survey you wish;

  • pass feedback collected to Intercom as tags or attributes, use them as triggers for further communication or customer segmentation.

Step 1. Enable Intercom integration

Once in Survicate, make sure to enable and authorize Intercom integration. You can do this in the Settings -> Integrations. Click the Connect button to set it up and authorize access.

Step 2. Create and set up an Intercom Messenger survey

Set up your CSAT, CES or any other survey you would like to run upon closing a chat in Intercom. Once in the Survicate panel, click on the New survey button on your dashboard. Pick Intercom Messenger surveys from the menu. You can use one of our templates or start from scratch or with AI.

Manage your survey by adding all the questions and setting up the survey logic. Feel free to check our guide on setting up Intercom Messenger surveys in this article.

Step 3. Set up survey distribution on the Intercom side

Go to your Intercom account. Navigate to the Operator > Task Bots > For Users / For Leads area. Then, turn on the conversation rating Task Bot and select “Use your own app when closing conversations.”. Click on "Add an app" and look for Survicate Customer Surveys in the list.

Choose the workspace and survey you would like to run after the conversation is closed. Once done, you will see it below:

Done! 🎉 Your survey will now be triggered in the chat automatically once the conversation is closed.


  1. What happens if the conversation is run in email, not in the chat? What survey would be sent to my customer?

    Please note that in such a case, the Intercom Messenger survey will be sent to the customer as an app. The survey can then be opened and answered in the browser.

  2. Why should I use Survicate to run a CSAT survey upon a chat? How is it different to a standard survey run by Intercom?

    Survicate allows you to customize the survey experience by modifying the question and answer content and setting up custom follow-up steps - literally, you can run any survey you wish, CES, NPS® and more. You can also automate the process and ask the happy customers to leave you a review or open a new chat with the customer who is not happy about the recent support experience. All the answers collected will be available in the Survicate dashboard as well as can be sent to users' profiles in Intercom in the form of tags, attributes and events.

  3. Why was my survey not sent to the customer?

    The distribution is run by Intercom, and they're following some specific rules. Thus, the survey will not be sent upon a closed chat if the conversation is less than 250 characters. You can learn more about other rules in this article.

📞 If you have any questions about running a survey upon a closed chat in Intercom - feel free to reach out to our team via chat or email:

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