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Send surveys via Intercom Emails

How to distribute your surveys through Intercom Outbound emails and Series and match your users with responses

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With Survicate, you can create email surveys to send to your customers via Intercom Outbound Emails. By default, the Survicate - Intercom distribution automatically captures the respondent's first & last name and email address information - so that you know who responded to your survey. You can also enable Intercom integration to send the responses back to users' profiles in Intercom.

💡This article shows how to send a survey via Intercom email in 5 steps. If you want to keep your users in-app while they answer your survey, please consider using in-app surveys for Intercom Messenger.

In this article, you will learn how to:

  • create an Email or Shareable link survey;

  • configure the survey for a better respondent experience;

  • send the survey as a link or embed it into Intercom emails.

Step 1. Create an email survey

Set up your email survey using the Create new survey button. Select Email or shareable link survey, and pick whether you'd like to use a ready template, create a survey with AI, or start from scratch. Now, build your survey by adding your questions and applying survey logic.

❗️Please note, If you want to embed your survey into an email, the first question of your survey needs to be either a Welcome message, a Single-answer selection, a Smiley scale, a Rating scale, or a Net Promoter Score®. If you choose any other type of question as the first one, we will only provide you with the link to your survey.

Step 2. Design your survey experience

Customize your survey page in the Design tab by choosing the right theme and setting up your email survey template. Make your surveys entirely branded as your own!

In Settings, you can also enable Navigation, a Progress bar, change the survey's Messages, and so on.

Step 3. Configure the survey settings

Once you are ready with your survey, head to the Configure tab and pick Intercom Emails as the distribution tool under Identify respondents with so that respondents are recognized with their names and email.

Under the Configure tab, you can enable other options, such as multiple responses from the same person.

Step 4. Set up integrations for your email survey (optional)

Enable Intercom integration or connect any other tool you use to send the responses collected to your apps.

With Intercom integration, you can:

  • Save responses in Intercom as user or company tags, attributes, and events for better customer segmentation;

  • Start a conversation on your intercom inbox upon text feedback to take rapid action on your customer's inquiries;

  • Create new users or companies in Intercom with new survey submissions;

  • Filter survey results with Intercom data in the Analyze tab.

Step 5. Share your survey

Head to the Share tab and decide how to send your survey.

  • Direct link

Grab a link to your survey from the Copy Link button, and hide it behind a CTA button or hyperlink.

  • Launch in an email

Display the first question directly in the email's body to start the survey from the email. Respondents will be redirected to a landing page to take the rest of the survey.

  1. Click Get your code, then copy the HTML code.

  2. Go to the Intercom email you want to use for the survey and click Switch to HTML editor in the bottom-left menu, and confirm switching to HTML editor.

  3. Replace the code with the one you've copied from your Survicate survey. Once done, on the right side menu, you will be able to preview your survey.

  4. Enter the subject of your email in the field just above the dark code area.

  5. Make sure that you’re compliant with Intercom’s rules for emails.

  6. Choose your audience that will receive the survey. For example, you might want to send an NPS survey only to users using your app for longer than a month or only to your active Customers.

    🚀 Once you've got everything ready, set your message live, and get ready to dive into your insights.

I've sent a test survey, but the response is anonymous. How can I know who answered the survey?

Please remember that sending a preview email will make the responses anonymous. If you want to test the whole experience and the integration, you need to send the email to an existing contact via the set live option.

📞 If you have any questions about sending a survey via Intercom Email - feel free to reach out to our team via chat or email:

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