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How to export survey responses to Google Sheets
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You can use Survicate with Google Sheets to:

  • Export survey responses in real-time;

  • Connect Google Sheets to data visualization apps like Google Data Studio or Geckoboard to create interactive dashboards & beautiful reports based on data from multiple surveys;

  • Easily access & share your survey data from the selected sheet.

❗️ Please note that Google Sheets export is available on some paid plans. If you are interested in testing this integration, contact or reach out to our team from live chat.

Connect Google Sheets integration

1. Go to the Connect tab of your survey, find, and pick Google Sheets from the list of integrations.

2. Click the Connect button to set up the authorization.

3. A pop-up window will appear for you to log in to your Google account. If you don't see the pop-up window, you may need to allow pop-ups in your browser - please look for the settings in your browser URL bar, or use instructions for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, or Safari.

4. After authorization, move on to the Settings tab of Google Sheets integration and select how you'd like to connect the sheet.

How to create the new sheet

1. To send your responses to a new sheet, click Create new sheet. We will create a new file in your Google Drive.

2. You can move to your new sheet by choosing the View Sheet button. If you need to replace the file, you can select the option Disconnect sheet.

How to connect the existing sheet

1. If you already have created a blank sheet in your Google Drive, you can connect it to the integration. In Settings, choose the Use existing sheet option.

2. Go to the sheet you'd like to pass the responses to, copy the URL from the access bar:

3. Paste into the URL field, and click Connect. You will see a green notification that your survey is connected to Google Sheets.

❗ If you are using an existing sheet, make sure to have editor permissions on the sheet you are trying to connect.

4. You can move to your new sheet by choosing the View Sheet button. If you need to replace the file, you can select the option Disconnect sheet.

πŸ’‘If your survey already has collected responses, here you can decide whether or not you'd like to pass your past responses to the newly chosen sheet.

If you select to send your past response, you'll see them in the sheet in a brief moment. If you didn't send the past answers, we will send all new responses to your file.

Here is an example of what a spreadsheet will look like:

If you connect a Google Sheet to a survey, we will clear it to start syncing the responses from the first row.


Why is my Google Sheets integration not working?

If you are having problems with your Google Sheets integration, it's likely to be due to two causes:

  1. You've made modifications to your sheet name.
    Please never change the sheet name, which is automatically created. This will distort the integration.

  2. You've reached the maximum row limit on your sheet.
    Make sure that you've not reached a maximum row limit in your sheet - in that case, data will not be sent. See the official guide here.

Some survey answers are missing from the connected Google Sheet

Please don't rearrange or delete columns or rows in the sheet connected to Survicate - our integration operates on column and row order, and when any changes are applied, it can cause problems.

If none of the above applies to your case, please reauthorize integration in Settings > Integrations. Then, try to answer your survey and check if the data is sent to Google Sheets correctly. If not - please get in touch with our Support team.

Best Practices

Embed surveys to your email

Create a link or email survey to send it right in your email message or pass the direct link to your respondents.

πŸ“ž If you have any questions on setting up GoogleSheets integration - feel free to reach out to our team via chat or email:

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