Why should I enable the integration?

With this integration, you can view every website survey answer as an event tracking in Google Analytics. With the integration enabled you can combine your quantitative data recorded by Google Analytics – what user did, with qualitative data – what users said – delivered by Survicate. It allows you to:

  • Use responses collected through surveys to create custom segments of visitors in Google Analytics.

  • Collect and utilize information useful in Google remarketing campaigns.

  • Analyze survey results deeply by segmenting visitors by the source of traffic and behavior.

Table of contents:

  1. How to enable the integration

  2. How to send data from Survicate to GA on a survey level

  3. Viewing your survey in Google Analytics

  4. Finding GA trackers in Google Tag Manager

How to enable integration with your Google Analytics

Our integration works with both Google Analytics and Universal Analytics, although we highly recommend using Universal Analytics!

Navigate to the CONNECT tab of your survey, search for Google Analytics (or select from the list of available integrations) and click on it to move on to the setup:

On the next page, click Connect:

How to send data from Survicate to GA on a survey level

As by default surveys are recorded in GA, you enable the integration for every survey you want to view in Google Analytics. You have to go to the CONNECT tab of the survey builder. There you can find Google Analytics integration → click on it:

All you have to do is switch the toggle Send answers to this survey as Google Analytics events. From now on, it will send data to your Analytics. Please note, that you can also disable sending answers from text & comment fields.

Viewing your survey in Google Analytics

To see your surveys in Google Analytics you need to go to Behavior > Events.

You can view surveys on different levels:

  • Category level – by survey name

  • Action level – survey question or behavior such us closing the widget, clicking call to action.

  • Label level – visitor’s answer, call to action content.

❗️Keep in mind that in case of contact forms Survicate only passes the information about the successful form submission – none of the personally recognisable information is passed to GA account

Finding GA trackers in Google Tag Manager

In order to check tracker name, you need to install the Google Analytics Debugger plugin. Open your website, right-click and choose Inspect. Then go to the Console. You will see the view as below. Search for 

Running command: ga("create", "UA-120625382-1", {name: "your tracker name", cookieDomain: "auto"})
Creating new tracker: (your tracker name)

After you found it, copy and paste tracker name (in this case it's gtm1).

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