With Mixpanel integration, you can create a report allowing you to monitor telemetry from all active web surveys in your favorite analytics tool. You'll see survey responses appearing in Mixpanel as events triggered by your users.

  • survey responses are sent to Mixpanel as events in real-time;

  • works with website surveys run by Survicate;

  • handy for people who use Mixpanel for collecting and analyzing data.

How to enable integration with Mixpanel

📌 Please note the integration works only with website surveys and you need to have Mixpanel API installed on your website before setting up the integration.

Navigate to Settings > Integrations, search for Mixpanel (or select from the list of available integrations), and click on it to move on to the setup:

On the next page, click Connect:

The integration is enabled on a workspace level so it will send the information from all website surveys on your workspace.

After you collect new responses, you will see survicate_survey_answered event in Mixpanel.

It has the following event properties that you can use to filter your data:

type: Question type

survey_name: Name of the survey

question_name: Name of the question

question_introduction: Introduction message in the question

question_id: Unique ID of the survey's question

integrationID: Value is always "survicate"

answer: Answer given

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