How can I preview my survey?

Test out your survey's look and feel before sending them out to your respondents

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With the Preview function, you can:

  • click through your surveys to check on survey logic settings;

  • see immediately how the layout and design changes are updated;

  • compare the views on mobile and desktop devices.

The Preview function lets you save time and your response limit, as you can test the survey numerous times without sending it out.

Step 1. Create a new survey

While creating a new survey, you can use the Preview feature to find out what it will look like from your respondents' devices after recent modifications.

If you haven't started creating a survey yet, go to the main dashboard and click on the Create new survey button. Select the survey type you need and follow this article to create your survey and enable the settings you need.

Step 2. Preview questions in different survey types

On the right side of the survey's Create tab, you can preview your survey as if you were a respondent. Every change to your survey appears here in real-time, and you will be able to test the look & flow.

💡Click the icons in the top right corner to see how your survey looks on desktop or mobile devices:

  • Email or shareable link surveys can be seen as they will look on a landing page when the respondents enter the survey link:

  • If you go to the Create ➡️ Design ➡️ Email template tab, you can preview how the survey's first question will look like when it's embedded in the email's body:

  • The preview of Intercom Messenger and Mobile surveys has no option to switch between a device type:

  • The preview of Website or in-product surveys, similar to Email or shareable link surveys, can be seen both for mobile and desktop devices:

Step 3. Preview the design changes in a survey

The Preview function doesn't only allow seeing the flow of your survey's questions but also enables you to see how any design changes influence your survey before you launch it.

You can also check how your survey will look without the Survicate branding and, for Website or in-product surveys, how different positioning of the survey works:

Step 4. Preview the Feedback Button

  • Here, you can see how the Feedback Button is displayed to your website's visitors on mobile and desktop devices, as well as on tablets:


I don't see anything in the preview window

If your preview window is not working as expected, this can be caused by your browser settings. Please try disabling ad-blockers, plug-ins or using a different browser or device.

Best practices

Change your survey design with a custom CSS feature

With the Preview feature, you can also see any changes you implement in your custom CSS to make sure they are exactly what you're looking for before you set your survey live.

Add images to your survey

Add images to your survey, adjust their size and preview how they fit into your questions without leaving the Create tab.

📞 If you have any questions or need assistance - feel free to reach out to our team via chat or email:

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