Remove Survicate branding from your surveys

White label your surveys by removing Survicate footer and CTA

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By removing the Survicate branding from your surveys, you can make the survey look and feel like your own. In this article, you'll learn how to brand your surveys and further customise them by:

  • removing the Powered by Survicate footer;

  • changing the Survey completion information message;

  • adding a custom CTA button at the end of your surveys.

This feature is available on some of the plans. Please visit our Pricing page or reach out to us to learn more. If you are interested in this feature, please contact us at or strike up a chat conversation 👉

What is Survicate branding?

Survicate surveys, have by default the Survicate branding added on the bottom of the survey, which allows the respondents to click on it and be taken to the Survicate website.

In the link survey, the footer looks as below:

In a Website or in-product survey and Mobile app surveys, it can be seen below the question:

While in an Intercom Messenger survey, the branding is a little longer and looks like this:

📌 Currently, there is no Survicate branding in Mobile app surveys.

How to remove Survicate branding?

Removing branding from one of your surveys will affect all existing and new ones on your workspace. Please bear that in mind before applying the changes.

Step 1. To remove the branding, go to the Create tab of your survey.

Under Settings ➡️ Survey Experience (for Website and in-product as well as for the Email or shareable link survey) and under Settings (for an Intercom Messenger survey), you'll see the option Remove Survicate branding.

Step 2. Enable the option to Remove Survicate branding. You will see the changes in the preview (right side) right away.

Step 3. Please click Publish/Next in the top right corner after making this change to activate the newly edited version of the survey.

💡You can remove Survicate branding even on your already enabled survey. The change is almost immediate, and your respondents will see the modified version of the survey, even if it's already launched.

Add a customized Thank you message

On free accounts, you can spot Survicate's branding also on the default Thank you screen. This is an example:

If you upgrade to one of our plans with the Survicate branding removed feature included, the last screen of the survey will look like this:

You can customize this text by going to Create ➡️ Settings ➡️ Messages and modifying the Survey completion information:

Similarly, you can edit the Survey completion information in an Intercom Messenger survey:

Instead of our Survey completion information, your surveys can end with a custom Thank you screen. This will let you add a personalized thank you page, and a CTA button and redirect respondents to a different URL or Social Media profiles.

Best practices

To make the survey feel even more on-brand with your business, you can host it on a custom domain

Custom domain is a feature available on some of our plans, and it allows you to send the survey link, which looks like completely your own. Please take a look here to learn how to achieve this.

Change the design of your survey

You can modify the survey's colors, background, and messages in its Create tab. Take a look at one of our articles describing the possible design changes.

📞 If you need our assistance, please reach out to us at or strike up a chat conversation!

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