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Survicate pricing - which plan should I choose?
Survicate pricing - which plan should I choose?

How much does Survicate cost? Does Survicate have a free plan? How to get a custom plan?

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We've recently updated our subscription plans to include new features, and we know you might have questions about the new pricing. We've designed our packages to offer more functionality at a lower cost compared to other survey market competitors. So, let's dive in!

How much does Survicate cost?

Survicate has options for every budget, starting at $0 for our free version, which is available for unlimited use. Our paid plans begin at just $59 a month, with the final cost depending on the features you need and the number of responses you want to collect.

Plus, you can save 10% by choosing an annual plan.

Keep reading to explore each of our subscription plans in detail.

What does the Survicate free account offer?

The Survicate free account is our no-cost option; as the name suggests, it's totally free ($0).

You can use the Survicate free account for as long as you like. There are no time limits or trials.

The features included with the Survicate free account are:

  1. Up to 3 teammates;

  2. 25 survey responses per month;

  3. Unlimited active surveys, with a collective limit of 100 responses across all active surveys;

  4. Surveys for email and to send as a link or QR code

  5. Survey logic;

  6. Response autosave;

  7. Respondent identification and enrichment;

  8. Feedback Button for your website;

  9. Feedback Hub;

  10. 400+ professional survey templates.

📌 An active survey is a survey that is not archived.

If a company needs more than the free account offers, Survicate has many other plans with more advanced features. Learn more about Survicate's pricing plans in the next section.

What paid plans does Survicate offer?  

The Starter Plan

This plan includes all the essentials a company needs to collect customer feedback from one source.

With the Starter Plan, you can gather 250 survey responses each month and have access to the same features as the free account.

The Business Plan

This plan is ideal for companies that need to do advanced research and want more sophisticated features. The cost of the Business Plan varies based on the response limit - 500 responses for $79, 1000 responses for $129, and 2000 responses for $179.

No matter the response limit, the Business Plan gives access to many features like native integrations, multilingual surveys, and custom thank you screens. For more details, check out this article.

The Enterprise Plan

This plan is best for companies with a lot of teammates and survey channels that need premium integration, a dedicated Success Manager, and more. The response limit is individually tailored to your needs.

How to get a Survicate Enterprise Plan?

To sign up for the Survicate Enterprise Plan, chat with the Survicate team by clicking the chat icon at the bottom right of your screen. Or, send an email to to book a demo call.

💡 To see the subscription plans in other currencies, visit our pricing page.

On the paid subscription plans, a discount applies if you choose to sign up for a year upfront.

Please note that to create a Survicate account, you should sign up with a business email domain.

Best practices

Manage your subscription directly from the user interface

Upgrade, cancel, or modify your subscription directly from your dashboard.

Add more workspaces to keep your projects organized

Purchase another workspace to launch link surveys on different domains and manage user permissions. Learn how to activate your new workspace here.

📞 If you have any questions or need assistance - feel free to reach out to our team via chat or email:

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