This article will guide you through modifying your active subscription - you'll learn how to upgrade, downgrade or cancel the subscription at Survicate.

Table of content:

  1. Modify subscription

  2. How to cancel my subscription?

  3. What happens when I upgrade or downgrade my subscription?

Modify subscription

If you decide to change your plan, go to Settings > Subscription, and click Modify subscription button:

On the next screen, you can pick your desired plan and change your subscription.

You can also toggle between monthly and yearly billing subscription details:

How to cancel my subscription?

If you wish to cancel your subscription navigate to Settings > Subscription and click the Cancel subscription link. A window asking you for a cancellation reason will be displayed. Please fill it out, we'd love to hear what's on your mind and improve through your feedback.

You will see the information on when subscription terminates. You will move back to the Free plan, your response limit will be reduced to 25 responses for a month, and some of the features like data Export to CSV & XLS will be disabled.

What happens when I upgrade or downgrade my subscription?

Upgrading or downgrading the subscription doesn't change your billing cycle. For example, if your first subscription cycle has started on the 1st of January, and you upgrade to the higher plan on January 10th, the next time your subscription will renew on the 1st day of the month, in this case - on the 1st of February.

  • Upgrading your subscription

    When you upgrade your subscription during the current billing period, you will only pay the price difference for those days with a higher plan. Starting from the new billing period, you will pay the full price of a higher plan.

    Example: Your Essential subscription ends in 5 days, and you want to upgrade to a Professional plan today. Our billing system will calculate the pro-rated price difference for those 5 days with the Professional plan, for which you will be charged. Starting from the new billing period, you will pay the full price of the plan of your choice.

  • Downgrade your subscription

    When you downgrade your subscription the difference in the price will be added as a credit to your Survicate account, so during the next payment, this amount will be subtracted from the subscription price.

    Example: Your subscription ends in 5 days, if you want to downgrade your plan, the system will automatically calculate the price difference on the lower plan for those 5 days and a credit will appear on your Survicate account.

✨ Learn more about Survicate pricing, available features and add-ons here.

📞 If you are experiencing any issues while modifying or cancelling your subscription, contact us at or strike up a chat conversation.

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