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First day at Survicate: I was invited to join my company's account, what's next?
First day at Survicate: I was invited to join my company's account, what's next?

Learn how to navigate your company's Survicate account as a new teammate

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New in Survicate? In this article, we'll help you take your first steps while joining your company's account and provide useful tips and advice on making the most of our tool.

Check what subscription you have

On the main dashboard, you can see the subscription name as well as the remaining days of your trial (if you're on the Free trial), and your monthly/quarterly/yearly response limit.

Here, you can also see the Upgrade plan button; it lets you compare the available subscription options.

Subscription managers can also access the Billing tab to change the billing information and find invoices.

📌 To learn more about the limits on each of the subscription plans, feel free to visit our Pricing page.

Switch between workspaces

Workspaces are separated spaces in your Survicate account that help you organize your surveys, integrations, and user permissions.

It's possible that your company's Survicate account has more than one workspace.

In this case, you can switch between them by clicking this button:

See your teammates' access levels

In Organization Settings > Teammates, you can see everyone who's in your Survicate account and which Workspaces they have access to:

The house icon next to someone's name means they're the organization owner, while the $ sign means they're a subscription manager.

Check out the available user roles, as well as how to add and manage teammates, here.

Take a look at different survey types in your account

The two filters you can see on your main dashboard let you filter all surveys in the workspace (or in the folder) by survey type and by author:

With Survicate, you can create 4 different types of surveys:

You can create a survey from scratch or with the help of AI by clicking on + Create new survey in the Survicate Panel or use one of our ready-to-use templates. 🚀

Discover folders

On the left side of the main dashboard, you may see Folders where your teammates organize surveys based on categories, teams, goals, or other preferences.

Learn how to use survey folders effectively here 📚.

Analyze survey results

You can see and analyze the responses that your colleagues' surveys collected.

Access the results by simply clicking on the survey in the main dashboard's responses:

or open any survey and go to its Analyze tab.

You'll see an Overall results and an Individual responses section, with all the needed information, along with options to export data and apply filters:

🌟 Read more about the Analyze tab's possibilities and how to read the results here.

Looking for ideas for new surveys?

💡Check how other customers use Survicate here!

We described more use case ideas and best practices in this Help Center section.

📞 If you have any questions - feel free to reach out to our team via chat or email:

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