With survey folders, you can organize your surveys based on categories, teams, goals, and anything you'd like. Creating folders, moving survey into and between folders is easy, and can be done in a few clicks.

How to move a survey to a folder

Step 1. On the right side of your surveys dashboard create a new folder by clicking create new:

Step 2. Name your folder, and pick the surveys you'd like to add to this folder from the dropdown menu:

You can select multiple surveys at once, and if you select a survey you don't wish to add to the folder, click X next to the survey name to remove it:

Step 3. Once you have selected all the surveys you wish to add, click Create to add your folder.

💡 You can move surveys directly from the All surveys view, by clicking the three-dot icon, and selecting Move to folder:

Or move several surveys to folder at once, by clicking the checkbox in the top-right corner and click Move to folder button at the top.

💡 You can quickly find the survey of folder you are looking for by searching the name from the upper-right search bar:

📌Note: You can change the name of the folder anytime by clicking on the name on the upper left side:

📌Note: If you don't wish to keep a folder, you can delete the folder by clicking the 🗑️Trash icon next to the folder name. If you delete a folder, surveys inside the folder will be moved to all surveys view, they will not be deleted.

📞 If you are experiencing issues with organizing your surveys into folders, reach out to our team from the live chat 👉

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