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Changing billing info and finding your invoices
Changing billing info and finding your invoices
Modify your invoice details, payment information and change or add the new email addresses to send the invoice
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This article will guide you through changing the billing info and finding your invoices. You will learn how to change your billing information and where you can find your past invoices and see their status.

How to change the billing info?

1. Go to Subscription > Billing tab. You can modify invoice information such as company name and your payment information and change or add new email addresses to send invoices to.
2. Click the Edit link under outdated information and change the values in the fields.

❗️Please note that the Billing tab appears after subscription activation only for Owners and Sub Managers. If you're on the Free plan or have a user, you will not have the Billing tab in your settings.

3. Confirm changes with the Update button.

How to find invoices?

Your past invoices can be found under the Billing tab at the bottom of the screen. Here you can view all your past invoices and download their PDF copy. The icon visible near the invoice value indicates the status of an invoice.

❗️Please note that the account owner or billing manager can only access this section. You can read more about user permissions here

Best Practices

Manage your teammate's permissions

Learn more about adding, removing users, and adjusting their permissions.

Manage your subscription directly from the user interface

Upgrade, cancel or modify your subscription directly from your dashboard.

📞 If you are experiencing issues while changing billing info or downloading your invoices, contact us at or initiate a chat conversation.

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