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Changing your email, password, and avatar image
Changing your email, password, and avatar image

How to alter my profile picture?

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You can change your profile information by updating your name, email and photo. Customize your account for a more personalized experience.

Change your email

1. To change your email, go to Settings > Profile & Password and click Edit below your email address:

2. In the new window, insert your new email and click Continue.

3. You must enter your current password to change your email and click Update.

Change your password

1. To change your password, go to Settings > Profile & Password. Under Account security, click Change password.

2. To update your password, you will have to insert your Current password, then add a new one in the New password and Confirm new password box.

Change your avatar image

1. In Settings > Profile & Password you can upload a new avatar or remove the current one from your profile.

To change your avatar, click Upload image. A pop-up window appears where you can upload or drag & drop an image.

πŸ“Œ All graphic files under 2MB are supported.

If you want to remove your avatar, click Remove image. We will replace your icon with your initials.

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