Adding and managing teammates

Invite your colleagues, change user roles, or delete a teammate from your organization

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Add an unlimited number of teammates to your workspaces and manage their permissions. After reading this article, you will know how to:

  • Invite your teammates to your account,

  • Choose which members can edit subscription & billing details,

  • Change or add users' roles,

  • Remove teammates from your organization.

What are the available user roles?

There are four roles (access levels) in Survicate, each serving a different purpose. You can be either an organization owner, a workspace admin, a user, or a guest.

User roles are included in some of our plans.

The owner is the person who created the account for your company in Survicate. Owners can control every aspect of the organization.

Ownership can be transferred only by the current owner. Our support team can change ownership in exceptional situations (for example, when your current owner has left the company and you don't have access to their account). In such cases, as a security measure, we will need a written request from the management or the team leader with the details of who should be the new owner.

Members of the organization can have different permissions on separate workspaces. Below, you'll find a table of features and permission limits of the corresponding access levels:





Add workspaces

Connect integrations

Invite teammates and manage permissions

Delete teammates

Export results

Create/Edit surveys

View survey results

Delete survey responses

Use Feedback Hub

Create/Edit Feedback Button

View Feedback Button responses

View the Billing tab in the settings




*If the option to allow modifying subscription & billing has been enabled.

How to add a new teammate to my organization?

1. To invite your colleague, move on to Organization Settings > Teammates and select Invite teammate, or click on Invite teammates directly from the Settings menu.

Or click on Invite teammates on the main dashboard.

2. Enter their email address to send them an invitation link to your account. It is possible to add multiple email addresses so you can invite your entire team at once!

If you'd like your colleagues to be able to modify your billing and subscription, enable the checkbox from the screenshot below. Access to the subscription can be added or removed for each teammate separately, and it's possible on all of our plans.

📌 Please note that every teammate with Billing Management Rights can access the Billing tab in the Survicate panel settings.

3. When a new person is invited to join your Survicate account, they're granted User permissions by default.

On some plans (as mentioned in the What are the available user roles? section), these permissions can be changed to admin or guest.

If you don't select the user role while inviting your colleagues, you can change their access level later.

📌 Please note that only organization owners can enable the permission to modify billing and subscription while inviting teammates.

Please remember that if you invite multiple colleagues simultaneously, the permissions you set up during the invite process will apply to all of them.

How to change user roles in my organization?

1. To change your colleague's account permissions, navigate to Organization settings > Teammates. Click the edit icon next to the teammate whose permissions you wish to change.

2. You can enable/disable their subscription management and set different roles for this individual teammate per workspace.

Please remember to Save the changes.

How to delete a teammate from my organization?

1. To remove a teammate from your organization, navigate to Organization Settings > Teammates and click on the trash bin icon corresponding to this teammate. Their account will be permanently deleted.

❗️Please note that only organization owners can delete teammates.

Best Practices

Add more workspaces to keep your projects organized

Purchase another workspace to restrict teammates' permissions better. Learn how to activate your new workspace here.

📞 If you have any questions about adding and managing teammates - feel free to reach out to our team via chat or email:

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