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My teammate can't log in to the Survicate account
My teammate can't log in to the Survicate account

What to do if your invited colleagues can't get access to the company account you have invited them to

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You can invite unlimited colleagues to your Survicate account for free. To do so, please navigate to Organization Settings -> Teammates in the Survicate panel. Your colleague will be sent an invitation email to join the account.

Below, you'll learn how to resolve potential issues connected to this step.

Confirmation email

To join your company account, ask the new user to find a confirmation email sent from and click the Confirm email address button. The user will be redirected to a signup page to set up a user account under your organization.

If the user hasn't received the confirmation email:

If the email address is correct and there is no email in the spam folder, please proceed to the next step described below or contact our Customer Support team to find out what could be the issue.

A new user has created another company account instead of joining your organization

You can check whether the user has accepted your invitation to your organization in Organization Settings -> Teammates. If there is a pending invitation, the teammate hasn't yet accepted the invitation to your company account.

It's possible that the invited person has created another Survicate account instead of joining your organization. In this case, you can ask your colleague to accept the email invitation to your organization, and they'll be able to switch organizations by clicking this button:

If your colleague wants to remove the new company account they accidentally created, they can contact our Support team to remove the organization.

πŸ’‘ Would you rather create and analyze surveys in Dark Mode?

Feel free to switch between Dark and Light modes in the top-right corner of your Survicate account:

πŸ“ž If you have any questions or need help with your survey, feel free to reach out to our team at or strike up a chat conversation!

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