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Managing different teams at Survicate
Managing different teams at Survicate

How to go about multiple teams using Survicate, adding workspaces, managing teammates, and collaborating on your surveys

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Survicate is designed for teams to work collaboratively. Dividing teams into their workspace allows you to group surveys and ensure confidentiality so that multiple teams can use Survicate simultaneously and do not have access to each other's data.

With Survicate, you can:

  • add as many teammates to your account as you'd like,

  • separate your surveys and customer feedback with additional workspaces,

  • create and edit surveys together with your team.

How to invite your team?

1. Go to Organization settings > Teammates and select Invite teammate, or click on Invite teammates directly from the Settings menu.

❗You should have Owner or Admin rights to invite colleagues to your account. You can learn more about changing user permissions here.

2. Type in their email address and name. You can set a new user as a subscription manager or modify their permissions on each available workspace.

3. They will get an invitation email in no time. All they need to do is click on the link in this email and set up the rest of the account in the opened tab!

📌 By default, every new user is added with User permissions, But you can set up different permissions for each user. Each permission allows the use of different features of Survicate. Read more about permissions here.

How to manage multiple teams in the same organization?

You can set up different permissions for each team by dividing them into different workspaces. This way, every piece of data is separately stored and secured.

❗️ Please note that all accounts have access to only one workspace. If you need additional workspaces, please get in touch with our team so we can support you with upgrading your subscription.

Additional workspaces can be purchased on the Scale plan.

To add a new workspace for a team, move on to Organization Settings > Workspaces and click the Add workspace button.

Multiple workspaces also enable you to edit user permissions on the workspace level. This is especially useful if you run confidential surveys in one of the workspaces, e.g., for HR teams. You can set up permissions so that a member of a particular team is not a member of another one and, hence, doesn't have access to their surveys or responses.

Best Practices

How do you keep every team in the loop?

Survicate has a vast selection of native integrations with team collaboration software. You can easily pass survey responses to any team channel or email you'd like and ensure no feedback goes unnoticed.

  • Enable Slack integration to notify your team and act on feedback instantly. Your survey responses will be sent to your desired Slack channel in real-time.

  • Pass survey responses to Microsoft Teams using our Zapier integration.

  • Get responses right to your team inbox by enabling email notifications. They are sent simultaneously so your teams can take instant action upon feedback.

Adjust permissions of existing teammates

Learn more about users' permissions and how to delete someone from the organization.

📞 If you have any questions or need assistance - feel free to reach out to our team via chat or email:

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