To install Survicate on your website follow one of the following 2 methods (choose whichever one you prefer – both are valid):

  1. Install while launching your survey

  2. Install from Wordpress

For both methods, go to our plugin directly from the link → provide the plugin with your workspace key, which we'll explain where to find below.

1) Install while launching your survey

Navigate to your survey's Launch tab → Install with WordPress → Copy the workspace key → paste it in the aforementioned plugin.

Now go to the website you've installed the plugin. You'll need to have at least one visit for us to understand if the installation was successful.

Click the Verify installation button to ensure everything is installed correctly.

2) Install from Wordpress

Go to our plugin directly from the link. Provide plugin with your workspace key that you can find under ⚙️ Settings → Web Surveys.

Survicate is now installed on your website!

Troubleshoot 🛠

I can't enable Survicate WordPress plugin with an error "WordPress installation failed"

Please make sure you have enabled surveys on your workspace before installing the plugin. If you don't have any surveys in your account, create a survey.

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