Zapier allows you to seamlessly automate your surveys and create response-based workflows. Zapier allows you to add on feedback gathered from your surveys automatically, so you can make sure that no data is lost.

How to connect Survicate with Zapier?

1. Log in to your Zapier account or create a new account in Zapier.

2. Navigate to My Apps from the left menu bar, and search for "Survicate" under My apps, click Connect

3. Once you choose Survicate, you will be asked to provide your API key to connect your Survicate account to Zapier.

To find your API key, navigate to Settings > Access Keys. You will see your Survicate API key under API key.

4. Paste your API key and click Continue. The window will disappear and you will now see Survicate under My connections

5. Click Test button to test your connection, and make sure everything is working. 

6. Now you can start creating your automation! Use a pre-made Zap or create your own with the Zap Editor. Creating a Zap requires no coding knowledge, and you'll be walked step-by-step through the setup. 

How to create a zap

To create a Zap based on Survicate survey response, open Triggers, choose Survicate and pick one of two available options: 

  •  New question answer allows you to choose a survey and one question from it as a Trigger to your actions. We will send question and answer along with respondent identity to your Action step.

  •  New survey completion lets you choose one survey to base actions on. If you are identifying your respondents, we will send the respondent's identity, as well as all questions and answers, you can choose which to use in the Action step.

❗️If you choose New survey completion as a trigger, the survey needs to be filled out completely - if the respondent drops the survey in a process, we won't activate Zap until they complete it.

💬 If you have any questions or need help setting up Zapier integration, please feel free to reach out to our team at

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